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Published: Feb 06, 2011
Description: Lexus is already getting ready for the Chicago Auto Show, and they tell us that they're going for a performance-oriented theme for the show. Perplexingly, Lexus has chosen the CT200h (a Prius in ...
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Mike Hawk Feb 07, 2011
You can get Toyota luxury at half assed potential, it's called the avalon
Mike Hawk Feb 07, 2011
The point of Lexus is luxury at it's FULLEST potential. There is a paradox when you use the name Lexus and "hybrid" in one phrase. But that's just my opinion, as well as many others that I know agree with me
Vincent Butler Feb 07, 2011
Or even a Camry. 65thousand car difference.
Vincent Butler Feb 07, 2011
You consider the corolla hybrid the same as the Lexus LS hybrid????
Vincent Butler Feb 07, 2011
Lexus is luxury Toyota is cheap.
Vincent Butler Feb 06, 2011
It's the same company. That's all
Vincent Butler Feb 06, 2011
Then what's the point with Lexus?
John Frum Feb 06, 2011
I've got the Lexus/Toyota thing mixed up. Thanks.
John Wu Feb 06, 2011
IS is a corolla no idea what you are smoking , es is camry and the Avalon is the gs ...
John Frum Feb 06, 2011
The IS is a Camry, the Avalon is either a GS or ES. HS is a Corolla I think and the Sequoia or Land Cruiser is a LX or GX.
Tom Franquelli Feb 06, 2011
Yes, Jorge. Ignore that kid. But the LFA is still awesome.
Description: Luckily, Lexus has given us some clues. The CT200h is going to be used as part of a display that will be called "The Darker Side of Green" and is supposed to convey the idea that hybrids can...
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Mike Hawk Feb 07, 2011
Who is this car for, Andy? The Angelina Jolies, the Oprahs, and the rest of the hypocrite WE & Bravo channel personalities alike.
Andy Rogers Feb 07, 2011
@John Ricers. They don't know anything so making them pay extra for a plastic body kit is a great way to make money. But ricers don't buy expensive Lexus cars so I have no idea who this car is for
John Wu Feb 06, 2011
All those mods reduce aero... Who thought that making your front nearly vertical helps
John Frum Feb 06, 2011
The CR-Z should've had a 1.6 turbo.
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Feb 06, 2011
Uhhh pretty sure painting your car a loud color and putting a body kit makes the car go faster... Why else would people destroy the way a car looks? Get your facts right carbuzz
Andy Rogers Feb 06, 2011
And they're not stock production cars like this would be
Andy Rogers Feb 06, 2011
Continuing Anthony's comment: AKA rice And considering their aren't that many ugly fast cars out there (tuners excluded), there's nothing to worry about. I exclude tuners because they change things for either the better or worse exterior wise
Anthony Noon Feb 06, 2011
I disagree. Crome won't get you home, looking good is nothing compared to performance. If you think looks is all that matters you probably have the stick on vents from autozone on your car and a non-functional hood
George Rust Feb 06, 2011
I think looking good for a hybrid is huge. When cruising around city streets, a good looking slow car rocks. An ugly fast car is never cool.
Andrew Lake Feb 09, 2011
Looks nice,like the rims
Jefito Galindo Feb 07, 2011
It has camaro lookin rims
Everardo Bello Feb 07, 2011
looks like it is based off the wrx sti...
David Bright Feb 06, 2011
I like the tuner-ish loom
Naiven Diaz Feb 06, 2011
Not gonna lie looks good actually.