Comments - AbarthScorp-Ion Concept Coming to Geneva

Published: Feb 28, 2011
Description: The Abarth brand is set to bring a new concept model to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Its offering comes as a result of collaborative work with the Istitute Europeo di Design of Turin (IED). The result ...
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Duncan Gibson Sep 21, 2011
Can't imagine why it would, Mackenzie.
Mackenzi Kelly Mar 29, 2011
It looks like a drawing
Nicolas Pons Mar 06, 2011
Yeah but it's not as horrible as the ones volksvagen had on it's concept does anyone else think that was hideous
Nicolas Pons Feb 28, 2011
This is the first nice design I've seen that hides most of the back wheel
Description: The result of the collaboration was a design that bespoke a compact-sized sports car with lines that evoke the scorpion, all the while refraining from any references to the Fiat brand. The futuristic ...
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Isaias Almanza Feb 28, 2011
I doubt it. It's called the ScorpION after all.
John Frum Feb 28, 2011
Don't worry, the production vehicle will probably have a Fiat 4-cylinder.
Duncan Gibson Sep 21, 2011
Weird, but interesting
Taylor Greenfield Mar 03, 2011
The back belongs to the Bertone Mantide
John Frum Feb 28, 2011
Racing buckets. Yum.