Comments - Teased: Jaguar XKR-S

Published: Feb 26, 2011
Description: The Jaguar XKR is already a pretty impressive and desirable car, but news from Jaguar is that we'll be seeing a new harder-core version soon in the form of the XKR-S. We don't have details y...
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John Frum Feb 27, 2011
Messed up. Sorry I meant four. Manual.
Cham Khiev Feb 27, 2011
Damn.. So much hostility on hondas from tha same ol ppl, its good tho i drive a different honda haha.... But yeah ditto on that m3 comment lol
Andy Rogers Feb 27, 2011
It's those magazines like Road and Track that also say the new R35 GTR and 911 Turbo S can do 0-60 in under 3seconds and the Ferrari 599 GTB accelerates quicker than the Enzo. Yeah, and stripes add hp and the Honda Civic is a muscle car
Patrick Schalk Feb 26, 2011
Yeah I gotta call BS on the M3 claim
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 26, 2011
Mid 3 from an E90 M3??? I call Bull$#!+
John Frum Feb 26, 2011
The Jag is pretty heavy. Like my E90 M3 runs mid/high three second range. With 414 hp. This is a fat Jag.
Cory Kickingass Kemps Feb 26, 2011
Real in depth article...
Mike Hawk Feb 28, 2011
What retarded journalist said this car as "no. 1 problematic car"? I could only assume it would either be a redneck NASCAR fan, or some tea and crumpet British snooty woman.
Ian Richard Hendry Feb 28, 2011
Based on what Ryan? Not J D Power...
Ryan Patrick Clauson Feb 27, 2011
No matter how good looking they get, they still are the no. 1 problmatic cars
John Frum Feb 27, 2011
Why do people find these so rare? Go to McLean or Great Falls in the D.C. Metropolitan area!
Patrick Schalk Feb 27, 2011
I REALLY like this color. Really nice blue
Miguel Montes Feb 27, 2011
I rather have this than an M3
Andy Rogers Feb 27, 2011
@Landon You ever seen one in real life? They stick out as much as Astons, which is more than Camaros, 911s, Vettes, GTRs, Stangs, Challengers, and Zs stick out
Ian Richard Hendry Feb 27, 2011
Forgot to add, I see they've sorted those headlights at last. They always grated with me. Ditto the XF.
Ian Richard Hendry Feb 27, 2011
Paul, not really. If you were in the market then this or a V8 Vantage are likely alternatives.
Anthony Noon Feb 27, 2011
Paul, jet to let you know the jet and the s4 aren't to different from each other.
Kyle Riley Anderson Feb 27, 2011
I like the step up from the usual and (common) jaguar, at least this could have a chance to make it more rare or (exotic)
Zamiyaad Kausmally Feb 27, 2011
WOW it's sooooo tight
Phil Hefenieder Feb 26, 2011
The dude that designed this did the Aston and it looks like he used a tracing table to draw it
Paul Affolter Feb 26, 2011
You guys are comparing this to an Aston? That's like comparing a jetta to an S4. Totally different here guys.
Lusso Forged Feb 26, 2011
Car looks super clean, great lines.
Landon Combass Feb 26, 2011
I always thought the styling for this car was "That will do, now sell it" to me it was to bland if people parked it by a Camaro SS, The Camaro would get more Head turns. it just don't stick out.
Christian Billman Feb 26, 2011
Looks like a late gen supra
John Frum Feb 26, 2011
I'd pick the Aston more the looks and quality. I see so many of these it's ridiculous, so I don't see this as exclusive.
Andy Rogers Feb 26, 2011
Fantastic, gorgeous car. Hard to choose between a bit more exciting, better looking, and louder Aston, which is also slower, more expensive, not as good (as a normal car), and not really more exclusive than this
Duncan Jolley Feb 26, 2011
That's sick looking!!
Thaddeus Wade Feb 26, 2011
A heck of a Tiberon. ;) No really, it looks pretty sweet.
Morgan Dame Feb 26, 2011
Beautiful car! And I saw this like on Thursday on the jaguar web site
Andy Kelly Nov 19, 2011
Get this instead of a db9 more power less price
Andy Rogers Feb 27, 2011
And I really don't see the Pontiac in this at all. I don't see any American-ness (or Aussie-ness) in general
Andy Rogers Feb 27, 2011
And I guess the Solstice since it sold decently well
Andy Rogers Feb 27, 2011
Well actually they were making crap. The only decent ones were the rebadged Holdens (GTO and G8)
Zamiyaad Kausmally Feb 27, 2011
This has got the looks, the performance and interiors. I've always loved the XKR
Zamiyaad Kausmally Feb 27, 2011
I always thought the previous model was only for performance and They didn't care for the exterior but not this one babyyy
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Feb 26, 2011
G8's destroyed BMWs' that's the funniest thing I've ever heard. So who is still in business anyways? Oh that's right the better car producer. Thank you sir and try again sometime
Morgan Dame Feb 26, 2011
I've only seen two G8s before I love them but they didn't ruin bmws
Elias Saba Feb 26, 2011
Another smaller spoiler would look better.
Morgan Dame Feb 26, 2011
@k.p. The Pontiac g8 was focused toward the BMW 5 series and I saw more 2008 5 series then G8s and more Mercedes to
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Feb 26, 2011
Well, a British luxury sport should not look like a cheap American sedan... There's a reason it went out of business
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Feb 26, 2011
The back looks like a Pontiac with that spoiler, but other than that the car looks good
Andy Rogers Feb 26, 2011
It needs a different looking spoiler for styling. Not quite the small stock one, but about this size I guess
Grant McHendry Feb 26, 2011
AGREED! it would look better without one!
Morgan Dame Feb 26, 2011
@wes agreed bro no spoiler would make the car look a lot better
Wes Allard Feb 26, 2011
Would look better without the spoiler