Comments - Lincoln Reveals New MKT Town Car and Limousine

Published: Feb 26, 2011
Description: Although the long running panther platform has been officially discontinued, Lincoln has officially unveiled the all-important replacements. With the Town Car out of the picture, Lincoln will be filli...
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Ian Richard Hendry Feb 27, 2011
Kristoff, do you mean to ride in? ;-)
John Frum Feb 26, 2011
This makes sense. The Town Car isn't much about looks, but about comfort. This provides way more space, and not to mention fuel economy and power (with the EcoBoost). Drop seats on the rear axle, for safety (by the C pillar) and legroom.
Description: Some of these technologies include a USB charging port, rear-view camera, Wi-Fi hotspot capability for mobile tablets, voice-activated navigation and the latest Lincoln SYNC system. Comfort is obvious...
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Description: Front wheel drive is standard and all-wheel drive is optional. The chassis can be stretched up to an additional 10 feet in length to accommodate further customization jobs. No official pricing has be...
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Chayton Garverick May 01, 2011
Maybach is German as John said, because Maybach is owned by Chrysler, but Maybach is owned by Mercedes, so actually it is both German and American.
John Frum Feb 27, 2011
Maybach is German, being an arm of Mercedes. They're modified S-Classes. If you're going to say something, check the facts.
John Frum Feb 26, 2011
If you want that, buy a British luxury car. (Jag, Rolls, Bentley)
Victor Takhanov Feb 26, 2011
It would be sweet if you could use the seats in front of you as tables like in airplanes
Morgan Dame Feb 26, 2011
Back of the seats are pretty cool
Chayton Garverick May 01, 2011
The seats are like rocks.
Jesse Johnson Feb 26, 2011
This doesn't look all that comfortable!
Chayton Garverick May 01, 2011
@Bill Gray Actually, the SRX is a lot smaller. Are you thinking about the 2004 model?
Bill Gray Mar 03, 2011
Competes with the SRX Caddy.
John Frum Feb 27, 2011
I only find the rear ugly.
Joey Frankowski Feb 26, 2011
How can you make something so ugly and be proud of it.