Description: Now that Ford is set to discontinue the Ford Ranger for the American market, GM is seeking to capitalize on this soon to be empty segment. If you haven't heard, the new global Ford Ranger will be...
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Caner Ozdemir Aug 26, 2012
I went to Turkiye this summer and saw many of the new rangers, too bad it only has a tiny engine. :p
Jimmy Williams Dec 04, 2011
Fords are great trucks no doubt, but as far as looks go I'd have to disagree. They consistently look bland, outdated, or compensating for something to me.
Charlie Huber Jul 04, 2011
essentially chevy and gm are the same thing. either way the f-series has been the best selling truck for almost 30 years now. they are reasonably priced and reliable. Also the fords don't look outdated when they come out.
Anthony Surdo Feb 26, 2011
The ranger is a good truck. But one of my friends has a Canyon and its awesome!
John Wu Feb 26, 2011
Kirstoff look at sales
Isaias Almanza Feb 26, 2011
Day tooker truuucks... DAY TOOKER TRUCKS! tooker doo!
Chayton Garverick Feb 25, 2011
Why discontinue the Ranger when GM has the bull-crap trucks?
Thomas Vorholt Feb 25, 2011
What a shame. Rangers are such good little trucks.
Charlie Huber Jul 04, 2011
Why change something that works? The ranger was a great truck
John Wu Feb 26, 2011
Ewww new ranger is better
Andy Rogers Feb 25, 2011
With the front in particular
Andy Rogers Feb 25, 2011
I couldn't care less for pick-ups, but I'm rather surprised (in a good way)
Edgar Borrero Feb 25, 2011
Has the same disaing of the past year and this disaing is like 6 years old they realy need to cahge this disaing. But that doset mean that thus disaing is ugly is just old but i think is cool disaing
Scott M Allen Feb 25, 2011
I really like the front too. much better styling than you'd expect on a pickup
Description: Set to be based on a world platform, GM is seeking expertise from their division in Thailand, which is a major market for compact pickups. However, the new trucks will be built in the U.S. in order to...
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Taylor J. Blake Mar 16, 2011
These days Toyota needs to build boats rather than trucks
Elias Saba Feb 26, 2011
Hmm, let's see, if I was to buy a truck would I go to John and his unsupported opinion, or MT's and the good list of tests they do for their truck of the year?
John Wu Feb 26, 2011
Coming from the guy with a dad that drives a escalade ext... That jokes because that ridgeline wannabe is worse than everything hilux tundra and the f series are all beasts. It doesn't matter who wins car of the year, it's all opinion
Morgan Dame Feb 25, 2011
@Kristoff stop shitting toyota they can tow a lot of wieght and how me people are towwing 6000+??? anyways imports own these dumb trucks
Daniel Fryman Feb 25, 2011
The Dakota is a midsize truck. It's a little bigger. They were going to discontinue it after this year or next year
Jason Dannheim Feb 25, 2011
Glad to see them making real decisions. This could definitely bring up their revenue being the only domestic compact with a major redesign. I've heard nothing about a redesigned Dakota for coming years.
Nicholas Noland Feb 25, 2011
GM won't be the only domestic compact truck, Dodge still makes the Dakota.
John Wu Feb 26, 2011
F150 looks so much better as doe the ranger
Chayton Garverick Feb 25, 2011
It looks like this truck got a case of the uglies.