Comments - Teased: Aston Martin Virage

Published: Feb 24, 2011
Description: Following in the footsteps of Porsche, Aston Martin is now making sure that there are no gaps anywhere in their lineup and that there is at least one that is dialed in to your exact budget. To help th...
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Mike Hawk Feb 25, 2011
Eh, at least its TG UK season.
Trent Humphrey Jun 29, 2011
@Miko your mind is messed up.
John Frum Feb 25, 2011
The Cayman is smaller and sleeker than the 911, and so is the Boxster.
Stephen Ishard Feb 24, 2011
Look the same like porsches
Miko Reginella Feb 24, 2011
All austin martins look exactly the same. Theyre kinda ugly too
Description: The 6.0-liter V12 has been tuned to a very exact 490hp, which is 20 more than the DB9 and 20 less than DBS, and both the interior and exterior follow the same formula. We don't have details on th...
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Ian Richard Hendry Feb 25, 2011
@Blake Aston has nothing to do with Tata
John Frum Feb 25, 2011
The Aston Martin engines aren't underpowered. Mercedes makes 510hp with a TWIN-TURBO V12. (In the S600 and CL600)
John Frum Feb 25, 2011
Ah John Stephenson, not me. Oh.
John Frum Feb 25, 2011
I don't believe an abstract line is a Toyota symbol. Get your shit straight. Not all Toyotas suck.
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 25, 2011
@Blake-Do your research. The age of AMG and Aston is upon us.
John Frum Feb 24, 2011
Astons aren't about the power. It's about the luxury, the immaculate attention to detail and the sound. Until AMGs can match that smoothness and sound, it's all about that V12.
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 24, 2011
Fear not. Future Astons will be AMG powered, in exchange for Astons sheetmetal magic on the Maybachs of tomorrow...
Mikky Gourin Feb 24, 2011
V12 with 490bhp?!! Pfffff typical welsh motor lol BMW can squeeze 650hp from a v8 :))
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 24, 2011
At that price I would expect closer to 600.
Danny Swain Feb 24, 2011
Not much power 510 would do
Ian Richard Hendry Feb 25, 2011
Made by Germans in Gaydon, Oxfordshire? Do you have any idea what you are talking about?
Isaac Bate Feb 25, 2011
The thing is your all wrong Aston martins are designed by british but made by German's
Andy Rogers Feb 25, 2011
Don't forget Jaguar. As well as many of the dead ones like Jensen, TVR, and Marcos
Ian Richard Hendry Feb 25, 2011
@carlie No British mark owns a car company? Wow. So you've never heard of Ariel, Bristol, Caterham, McLaren, Morgan, Noble, Radical, Westfield...? And Aston is British, even if the investment has come from the Middle East. Chrysler isn't Italian...
Anthony Surdo Feb 25, 2011
Absolutely beautiful
Danny Mh Feb 25, 2011
o'connor....get ur facts straight.....there aint no V10 vantages.....jus V8 or V12
Faraz Saleem Feb 25, 2011
Beautifull and Smart car::::::::::)
Vince Mahr Feb 24, 2011
The Virage. If you are too rich for a DB9, but too poor for the DBS. It's a beautiful car but there is nothing wrong with the DB9, and the DBS is pointless. You can't argue that it's amazing but I just don't think that it fits today's market.
Bilal Saeed Feb 24, 2011
I own a one-77..... Sadly it's not real but yet a toy car!!!
Ryan O'Connor Feb 24, 2011
Aston Martins have to be the best looking cars in the world! I think I prefer the V10 Vantage though.
Tom Katt Feb 24, 2011
These cars are far too expensive. I can only admire them in this life.
Lee Hyatt Feb 24, 2011
Yeah Porsches and Aston martins never drastically change their looks, but there is no need to when they are all gorgeous like this one!
Coco Ashkenazy Feb 24, 2011
Aston and ferraris make the nicest cars in the world
Patrick Schalk Feb 24, 2011
I like it but it looks exactly like every othe lr Aston Martin
Carlie George Feb 24, 2011
What's the sense of a pretty car that can't go over engineering is why there is no British mark that owns a car company Aston's suck if your not James bond or micheal Jordan ,you should save yourself the depreciation
Andy Rogers Feb 24, 2011
It's an Aston and is therefore gorgeous Cygnet excluded
Bob Thebuilder Feb 24, 2011
Too similar :S still sexy though!
John Frum Feb 24, 2011
Australia. Some Asian countries.
Nicolas Pons Feb 24, 2011
Bo just Britain and maybe india cuz they copy everything the Brits do
John Frum Feb 24, 2011
That's where it is in Britain and most other countries.
Tequito Lepetis Feb 24, 2011
The seats are back all the way, as with any coupe there's no room. I must say though that is probably the nicest interior I've seen in a while
Kyle Bohne Feb 24, 2011
Those rear seats actually look comfy compared to others
Bob Thebuilder Feb 24, 2011
Not if your a legless infant!
Leo-Joel Jackson Feb 24, 2011
Seems like the 2nd row is cramped
Tyson Stewart Feb 24, 2011
Love this car under powered or not!