Comments - Jaguar B99 Concept Study by Bertone

Published: Feb 24, 2011
Description: Although the Geneva Motor Show is still a couple of weeks away, this hasn't stopped Italian design house Bertone from leaking images of their Jaguar B99 design concept. More than likely, these im...
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Whittany Hutchings Jun 27, 2011
Now this is the definition of a Jaguar!!!! I absolutely love it, it's gorgeous.
Mike Bockus Mar 02, 2011
Land shark... I love it
Zaq Tramon Quinn Feb 25, 2011
I think it looks good. It kinda has that sleak, low profile
Faraz Saleem Feb 25, 2011
I am playing real racing game I play with jaguar Is a V Power full
Sebastian Grey Feb 24, 2011
Front resembles the Mantide a bit.
Andy Rogers Feb 24, 2011
Indeed Not sure whether I like it or not
Description: However, the concept here features conservative styling that's more reminiscent of old Jaguar design. It has suicide doors and frameless windows that are very unlikely to make it to production. M...
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Aaron Vo Feb 24, 2011
Whats up with the wheels being so close to the bumpers? Good or bad for performance?
John Frum Feb 24, 2011
I see Bentley Arnage.
Joseph Flieder Feb 24, 2011
much better than that crap those old people are drivung now
Brandon Lieferman Mar 03, 2011
Supper sexy love the suicide doors to bad it won't make it to the production lines
Mike Bockus Mar 02, 2011
Please ignore the kicking and screaming in the trunk
Rithhin Jawahar Feb 24, 2011
True mafia look to it!! :D