Comments - Big Buggy With a Beastly 7.3 Bounces the Boulders

Published: Feb 02, 2011
Description: Chris Bibby has something here that may make Ford diesel drinkers a tad envious of. That's because he's fitted his rock crawling buggy with a 7.3 Powerstroke engine, making this a uniquely awesome an...
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Scott Gracey Mar 12, 2012
Yeah I saw that episode too, makes me question build quality
Al Tungupon Feb 29, 2012
Top Gear's Hamster tested this and suffered a complete gearbox breakdown. Perhaps a conventional manual couldn't handle the engine's outputs.
Description: Watch it
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Nicolas Pons Feb 02, 2011
When I own an oil company and become a multimillionare I will buy this immediatley
Colin Nims Feb 02, 2011
Now this is a sexy car!
Andy Rogers Feb 02, 2011
Nice! Love this thing
Kwan Calvin Feb 02, 2011
One of my favorite cars!!! Sweet!!!
Andy Rogers Feb 03, 2011
And on the M600 vs. Veyron power to weight ratio thing. In the end, the Veyron is still faster in a straight line at least. Then maybe quicker on a few tracks still. Veyron doesn't handle badly haters, it's just not the best
Chad Schley Feb 03, 2011
Carter and Zachary your both a couple of jack asses. After your last posts it would be safe to assume that you will never possibly be in a position in your life to buy a Nobel, so you both should shut the F*CK up!
Andy Rogers Feb 03, 2011
@Tyler Don't count on that. It is still a Euro exotic. It's not Italian but that doesn't mean it's not going to spontaneously combust. Especially considering Noble is a pretty small company
John Frum Feb 02, 2011
@Carter. Don't do that. Jonathan made a good point. But on the point of aesthetics, it's opinionated.
Kyle Bohne Feb 02, 2011
Damn this thing is a beast!!
Tyler Watkins Feb 02, 2011
No need for that Carter he actully made some great points....the reason you would buy this over is this won't catch fire while driving it
John Frum Feb 02, 2011
Well, the power may not be as effectively used without traction, more downforce can help. The Bugatti Veyron is supposedly calm and almost boring at top speed. This is supposed to be more exciting.
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 02, 2011
Noble simply does not have the brand cache. Raw performance is meaningless in the hands of an unskilled drive, so why choose this over a 458? Let's not overlook the inferior aesthetics of the Noble.
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 02, 2011
Power to weight ratio is negligible when one cannot effectively apply traction.The Veyron is AWD,and consequently produces superior straight-line performance data.Furthermore,the Vey is actually a luxury grand-tourer,whereas the M600 is a sportscar.
John Frum Feb 02, 2011
C'mon. Show some love to the makers of this badassery.
Chris Sulouff Feb 02, 2011
It's not silly. Building a car is a labor of love and Noble is showing the employees some appreciation by putting their names on the car in a spot that's viewable. it's something that a lot of builders use to do secretly. I think it's a great idea!!!
Johnny Mac Feb 02, 2011
Now that's just silly! What's the logic if having the employees and secetarys name on the sills???????