Comments - Marussias New MVR-02 F1 Challenger

Published: Feb 18, 2011
Description: Last year we were introduced to the VR-01, the racer that led Virgin Racing team through a lackluster first season. We say lackluster because they finishing the 2010 Formula One World Championship in ...
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Kyle Delaplane Feb 19, 2011
You guys are going to have a grate race...
Dylan Arms Feb 20, 2011
GOD I wish these were street legal. O and Kyle, please learn how to spell
Mike Hawk Feb 19, 2011
I'm just waiting in utter suspense, like Andy.
Mike Hawk Feb 19, 2011
Look away, NASCAR fans!!! This is too much for your inbred minds to take in.
Ian Richard Hendry Feb 18, 2011
You do know this isn't an Indy racer, right?
Kyle Lenihan Feb 18, 2011
the cars entakes are not airodinamic enouph for an Indi racer
Russell Kanharn Feb 18, 2011
Yeah cause Ferrari have loads more money
Andy Rogers Feb 18, 2011
Nice! Me too! I also can't wait for the US GP that hopefully happens in 2012
Nick Singleton Feb 18, 2011
So ready for the F1 season to start!
Description: The car was unveiled at the BBC Television Center in London. The design is similar to its competitors and will be driven again by Germany's former GP2 champion and Toyota F1 driver Timo Glock. Gl...
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Stephen Ishard Feb 18, 2011
What a badass last name glock
Mike Hawk Feb 19, 2011
I doubt the russians will win, but it looks hopeful that they can place much better than last place
Cearbhall Beggan Feb 19, 2011
Nice paint, in the next photos it'll probably be covered in gravel chips... and hanging off a crane...
Adam Morin Feb 18, 2011
Definitly one of the nicest livaries.