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Published: Feb 12, 2011
Description: The name should explain it all. Nissan has released the ultimate expression of the famed Nissan GT-R, the GT-R Egoist. This vehicle was created by Nissan for those who believe that 522-hp just isn&apo...
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Jason Plante Jun 05, 2011
This is a sports car... I wouldnt add any more weight by adding thick high quality leather and a heavy (but great) sound system. If i were to get a gt-r i would get it for the high performence
Patrick Schalk Feb 13, 2011
Hahahahah Mike is right. I'm not impressed until this car is an amphibious assault vehicle
Anthony Surdo Feb 13, 2011
Bang & Olufsen makes some amazing speakers
Mike Hawk Feb 13, 2011
Leather and Bose?!? What...they couldn't fit in a PS3 and maybe guns that shoot out frickin laser beams?? At least throw in ejection seats. Talk about half assed.
Aaron Vo Feb 12, 2011
If they wanted the best, they should not have used boss
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Feb 12, 2011
No, a self-refilling vodka cabinet. And I'm pretty sure the FT-86 will fill in for the supra
Anthony Noon Feb 12, 2011
Hahaha and it has to come with a rifle and a bottle of vodka
Stephen Ishard Feb 12, 2011
Where did the supra come from? This is Nissan
Caleb Lochridge Feb 12, 2011
Rumor has it that the supra should be expected around 2014... But then there have been rumors about the supra coming back for some time now
Kelsie Cial Dachtler Karnes Mar 02, 2011
Automatic seat belt tensioner* courtesy via iPhone
Kelsie Cial Dachtler Karnes Mar 02, 2011
Sure,it's a revolutionary v6 engine,compared to the v8 of vettes and poursches.complete with vaccuum breaks and automatic seatbelt not to mention the r35 can smoke a vette and pourcshe, I'm not saying this cause I'm a ricer,American is the way to go.
Will Kenny Feb 27, 2011
Nissan gtr sucks corvette and 911 are the the shizz
Will Conover Feb 13, 2011
Ujjwal I love your picture. I had one of me in front of a white one but I lost it
Ujjwal Chande Feb 13, 2011
these are cars you buy if you want driving pleasure and not people looking at your car with jealousy
Andy Rogers Feb 13, 2011
@K.p. You ever seen the Noble M15? It's foreign, has a V6, and doesn't make a deep rumble. But it sounds good, is that rice too? And anywhere else, American cars are foreign. Ever consider that?
Andy Rogers Feb 13, 2011
But all previous R GTRs (since this isn't a Skyline) were better
Andy Rogers Feb 13, 2011
@K.p. No. I hate the GTR, but it's no rice. It sounds like rice but it isn't. I've seen a riced GTR, it had a fake body kit, black hood, bigger uglier rims, fart can exhausts, the lot. That was rice
Will Conover Feb 12, 2011
Nissan gtr= known for being cheaper than 911 but faster. Also awd+advanced computer=hard to drift. So why don't you do some research next time
Ray Lockhart Feb 12, 2011
I liked the skyline r34 more, still a nice package though
Nicolas Pons Feb 12, 2011
I agree with David I don't like Asian sports cars or drift cra they're overpriced
David Bright Feb 12, 2011
You guys can take the car, I'm totally fine with flying away the R44
Michael Ioia Feb 12, 2011
KP is a troll, has no clue about anything!
Tyler Watkins Feb 12, 2011
I like it.....but best performing car for the value is defiantly the Viper ACR
Zamiyaad Kausmally Feb 12, 2011
One day... I'll own a R35 GTR...
Description: Under the hood, the Egoist has a revised twin turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 that leaves it with 522-horsepower, and a 0 to 60 time of 3.0 seconds. The car has such fine attention to detail that almost eve...
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Bill Gray Feb 16, 2011
Twin turbo
Andy Kleschick Feb 14, 2011
You know it's a good car when it has a v-6 that puts out that much power
Brady Fereday Feb 13, 2011
They fixed the launch control issue no longer voids the warranty homo K.P
Vincent Chong Feb 12, 2011
0-60 is 2.88 seconds for the new GTR
Brady Fereday Feb 14, 2011
Lol that's a ass beating compared to a .8 second win
Brady Fereday Feb 13, 2011
How is a ls9 a small v8 K.P. and it bet the 09 gtr dose anyone know the lap time for the 2012 gtr?
Will Conover Feb 13, 2011
KP what about porsches. Ya the gtr won that
Jason Dannheim Feb 13, 2011
I understand all that, guys. For a car that can be custom ordered though, I would think a full manual should be possible. Besides, every car is much more fun that way. If my car can be in the five second range AND a manual I'm happy.
Justin Ayala Feb 12, 2011
Bose. Nice, but I would like it to have at least a supercharged V8.
Dominic DeSantis Feb 12, 2011
@Brady completely agree with you on everything My dad has a regular 2009 gtr. ANDS IT'S SOOOO SICK!!!!
Brady Fereday Feb 12, 2011
I am a Nissan fan threw and threw but I just said that abou the zr1 to be fair it's a nice car but I would take a grt over it any day I love the fact a v6 kicks the shit out of a v8 when it's supposed to be so fast cause it's American lol
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Feb 12, 2011
You have paddle shift guys the GT-R has over 9000 computers that help it be extremely fast and it can't do that with a stick shift... Paddle shifters are cool anyways...
Anthony Villa-Garcia Feb 12, 2011
Simplicity at it's best.
Danny Alvarado Feb 12, 2011
The zr1 is actually geared to hit sixty in first, leaving only clutch work, so I'm not too sure about knocking off a full second...
Anthony Noon Feb 12, 2011
The duel clutch and launch control does make it extremely fast but this shifter looks so cheap!
Brady Fereday Feb 12, 2011
Lol tell that to a bugatti a f1 car and some other fast cars Jason these cars shift faster than any human can and that's where they get there speed if they put the same system in the zr-1 I beat it would drop a full second off its 0-60
John Frum Feb 12, 2011
But the automatic is how the GT-R gets such good acceleration times.
Jason Dannheim Feb 12, 2011
Thats the problem. You should be able to order with a six speed.
Grant Paquin Feb 12, 2011
They are all dual clutch autos.
Jason Dannheim Feb 12, 2011
Wait, this ones an automatic. You and your ego need to learn how a clutch pedal works.
Pavel Kleymenov Feb 13, 2011
Yeah the red is a little ugly. although the car is cute overall.
David Bright Feb 12, 2011
I like the brake calipers
Emmanuel Irizarry Martir Mar 30, 2011
@richard wow nice job looking that up in wikipedia. To me ASIAN CAR = RICER
Cory Kemps Mar 16, 2011
For the paddle/manual shifting dilemma, there's the paddle shifters dumbasses
Will Conover Feb 13, 2011
Ok. Fine if you judge a car by it's country the corvette is a fat slow car. The Audi R8 is a Nazi. The Spyker can barely stand and the Aston abad accent. Are any of those true, no
Andy Rogers Feb 13, 2011
@K.p. Sounds a lot like some of Europe too
Will Conover Feb 13, 2011
Japeneese not even paying attention. Dangit
Will Conover Feb 12, 2011
KP epic fail the cars chinesee and zero percent rice
John Wu Feb 12, 2011
China isn't either go read a dictionary
Becky Hunt Jun 28, 2011
I think this car is is amazing. I would defiantly get one if I had the money
Bright Spark Jun 20, 2011
There's only one problem when you buy this car..... You end up with a NISSAN lol
Bill Gray Feb 16, 2011
I don't care for the front of this car, but the rear & interior is bad ass. Oh yea, 0-60 in under 3 sec is awesome....don't care what flag it flys.
Will Conover Feb 14, 2011
@KP no. I personally don't like how they look very similar to each other, but I know they are very good performers
Will Conover Feb 13, 2011
No I'm saying that the car is better thana Porsche
Will Conover Feb 12, 2011
Dine nico. Drive and overpriced underperforming euro car
Nicolas Pons Feb 12, 2011
No I would drive a prius, off the edge
Nicolas Pons Feb 12, 2011
Yeah screw the car I would drive anything on that road except a prius
Adam Morin Feb 12, 2011
Forget the car I wanna drive that road.
Jan Kubecka Feb 12, 2011
Those exhaust look like spot lights