Comments - Chicago 2011: Yet Another Option For The Challenger

Published: Feb 12, 2011
Description: Good news for people who are fans of the outrageous colors that Dodge (and Plymouth) used to offer for their muscle cars, we present Green With Envy. The new color is also excellent news for fans of t...
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Chayton Garverick Mar 14, 2011
@Kristoff ( sorry if I spelled your name wrong) Actually it looks like a Bimbo
John Couture Feb 21, 2011
I give this car 6 months before it starts Rattling your fillings.. Very poor construction...
John Frum Feb 15, 2011
I believe the "invisible Challenger" thing was a joke. (To the bad grammar pissy guy)
Andy Rogers Feb 14, 2011
That I don't have a problem with. It's people's ignorance and stupidity that bothers me
Andy Rogers Feb 13, 2011
@Andrejus What does that have to do with anything? Got your panties in a bunch?
Tom Franquelli Feb 13, 2011
Dude. It's like stealth-mode...
Jerrel TioFelix Neal Feb 12, 2011
There a challenger in that pic somewhere....
Manton Broom Feb 12, 2011
Looks like a protector. Kinda like a guard dog.
Description: The color will also be available for the R/T Classic trim, but in this from the stripes will be A-line rather than full-body. The SRT8 will also come with Green With Envy accented seats. A Challenger ...
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Mike Hawk Feb 19, 2011
whoops typo. *it hasn't looked this good in a long time. I like all 3 cars at this present moment.
Mike Hawk Feb 19, 2011
This design should stay. If it ain't broke, why fix it? In fact, it's fair to say that the current Pony Express has looked this good in a long time.
Patrick Stefano Feb 19, 2011
I don't really care for this car I wish it was better lookin. afew years ago I herd they were releasing a new challenger and I was excited. but I didn't think it would be so CHALLENGING for dodge to come up with a better lookin car
John Frum Feb 15, 2011
There are eco-friendly cars you can rip on, like the Prius. But I recently renewed my respect for the Tesla Roadster at their new D.C. showroom. That torque will snap your neck, not unlike a muscle car. I loved that TG episode.
Andy Rogers Feb 14, 2011
Haha I remember that will! I later after seeing it posted a bunch of cars like that on my FB photo album. Consisting of green cars like the Murcielago, Bullitt Mustang, Koenigsegg CCX, and Aston DB9
Will Conover Feb 13, 2011
It's like the top gear where they say they've had a lot of complaints about top gear going green and then Jermey shows a green lambo
Andy Rogers Feb 13, 2011
+1 to that Mike! I've seen a "go green" Camaro too
Mike Hawk Feb 13, 2011
Now this is the right way to "going green". Screw all "big battery" technology! I will be against EV/Htbrid cars until the end
Evan Holbrook Feb 13, 2011
Love that color. Hope sublime comes back!
Tom Franquelli Feb 13, 2011
I am not a Didge fan either. But it's good-lookin' compared to the Mustang, even in this garish green.
Adam Morin Feb 12, 2011
When I went to the Canadian International Auto Show two or three years ago, Dodge had the concept in this color. Why wait so long to release the it?
Stephen Ishard Feb 12, 2011
Furious fuscia although sounds gay looks really nice but a want all the classic colors back some Top Banana and Go Mango
Patrick Schalk Feb 12, 2011
I have to say I'm a Camaro guy but I really think that the Challenger is the best retro muscle to come back. I wish they would have made that Electric Green though like the 570 SMS Chally. I have seen a couple Crazy Plum Purple ones and they are cool
Andy Rogers Feb 12, 2011
Very nice! Prefer it in orange but that green is great too. Loud and obnoxious
Zamiyaad Kausmally Feb 12, 2011
Just gotta love the classic shape of the challenger
Chayton Garverick Mar 14, 2011
Not really! It gets about 17/24 mpg's! That's bad
Will Conover Feb 14, 2011
At least it is good for the enviroment, this thing is very green
Hybrid Bacon Feb 14, 2011
Changing the color won't make it beat a mustang the mustang is still and always will be the best musle car
Patrick Schalk Feb 13, 2011
Eh I disagree. Red calipers look good on any color of car IMO
Kevin Staychill Feb 13, 2011
Think they should have painted calipers green to set it off
Bilal Saeed Feb 12, 2011
In my opinion, there's only a single flaw I could find in this.... That ugly styled side rear view mirror! Besides that the car is aight! :-)
Austin Johnson Feb 12, 2011
I have to admit this is probably the muscle-iest car out there.
Ben Callow Feb 12, 2011
I like how they brought back the older styling
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 12, 2011
Def the best looking. If the srt was priced right I would of got it instead of the 5.0 just cause I'm a big guy and like the size. Wasn't going to pay 10g or more over the 5.0 for it for sure though.
Ray Lockhart Feb 12, 2011
Now if they could shave some weight off it that would be great
John Frum Feb 12, 2011
Expensive and heavy, but most classic look.
Emelio Gallegos Feb 12, 2011
Yea definitely the best looking car of the three
Scott Lenahan Feb 12, 2011
its funny how people always fight over the camaro and mustang. i think this may be the best looking of the three. not the best drive for sure, but wow it looks great
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 12, 2011
Love it. Shame it is 10g over priced.