Description: The 2011 Chicago Auto Show has come, and Chrysler has decided to release the new R/T trim levels of both the Dodge Grand Caravan and Journey crossover. Although this is a big occasion for the two, the...
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Bill Gray Feb 16, 2011
I still think they should offer a V-8 on the R\T.
Mike Hawk Feb 13, 2011
Hemi caravan/town&country??? I smell the beginning of NASVAN, y'all! Git err dunn!
Luis Lujan Feb 13, 2011
Yes, lets be technical about this. Boooorrring!! Imagine the awesomeness of smoking sports cars with the whole family as witnesses. Hemi would be sweet. America!!!!!
David Bright Feb 12, 2011
Hahaha, road/track minivan. You've gotta be kidding me
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Feb 12, 2011
It's impossible to back up the sportiness that they could possibly try to put in the outside so why even try? This is pretty pointless since peoe buying these cars aren't looking to seem or go fast
Tyler Watkins Feb 12, 2011
Be awesome if it had a hemi xD
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 12, 2011
"Instead they make up for it with their stylish exterior and interior designs that scream sportiness." LOL. There is no make up for sportiness except actual sportiness!!! I don't want to scream anything if I cant back it up!
Harpreet Ahluwalia Mar 27, 2011
I've had a full size van ever since I was a little baby, they're better in every way, they r more comfortable, can actually haul a trailer, plus you don't look gay in one. Only downside is fuel economy, and they don't fit in "every" parking garage.
Bill Gray Feb 16, 2011
@-Andy They come in pretty handy if your hauling half a football (pee-wee) team for pizzia.
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 14, 2011
Yahoo! (I don't Google cuz I'm old school) the Renault Espace F1. If you want to add sportiness to a minivan, that's your blueprint!
Andy Rogers Feb 14, 2011
The ONLY thing a minivan is useful for is brand new parents with a newborn with those sliding doors. Other than that, there's no point in having one
Sam Nelson Feb 13, 2011
So your Dad dosn't feel as much of a faggot when he drives his kids and is seen driving a minivan.
Ike Weber Feb 13, 2011
You have to be kidding. An R/T minivan???!!?!!
Andy Rogers Feb 13, 2011
@K.p. No. A Japanese or German minivan is just as bad as an American one. Don't you see that NOBODY likes minivans? Quit being a fanboy! All minivans suck and that's the end of it
Mike Hawk Feb 13, 2011
Awwwe sheeit...look out Swagger Wagon! This van looks like it can haul more illegals. With an RT under the hood, it can probably get away from La Migra in a chase.
Patrick Schalk Feb 13, 2011
Hey at least it could tow stuff if it had a Hemi
Lee Hyatt Feb 12, 2011
This is the dumbest idea ever...
Anthony Noon Feb 12, 2011
I totally agree john
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 12, 2011
This demoralizes and devalues the R/T badge. Remember the early 2000's Monte Carlo SS? Neon R/T? Grand Am GT? Sunfire GT? Contour SVT?
Cody Andree Feb 12, 2011
Retarded!!! Much worse than the Hurten caliber! Every manufacturer does this. It's lame! And embarrassing!
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 12, 2011
Utter blasphemy. I hate when car manufacturers "dilute the game" to for revenue. It happens in the music industry, it happens in film, and now here.
Description: Outside, the Grand Caravan R/T received some new exterior tweaks, such as a "dipped" body-colored grille, body-colored side moldings and a new set of 17-inch alloys. The Journey features th...
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Bill Gray Feb 16, 2011
Seen the new Jouney R/T on motor trend tv.....awesome remake Dodge, needs to offer MORE POWER.
Bill Gray Feb 16, 2011
Pretty nice for a mini van.
Ethan Amo Mar 08, 2012
It's a VERY bad way
Bill Gray Feb 16, 2011
Hey, the old lady needs something cool to drive. Why should guys have all the fun?
John Wu Feb 12, 2011
Looks good love the styling of the older SUVs now with the new cuv they became too femine...
David Bright Feb 12, 2011
I'm not sure you can really call this a van, though. More like a big SUV
Anthony Noon Feb 12, 2011
Chevy doesn't make mini vans anymore
Stephen Ishard Feb 12, 2011
Just saying mini vans suck as a whole Chrysler does have best of all though
Bill Gray Feb 16, 2011
There's them twice just ain't no R/T without them.