Comments - Chicago 2011: Mazda Miata Special Edition

Published: Feb 11, 2011
Description: Mazda has unveiled a special edition Miata at this year's Chicago Auto Show that will undoubtedly sell out once it hit showrooms. The reason? Only 750 units are scheduled to be built. Based off t...
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Jonathan Newcastle Feb 14, 2011
@Patrick-Check the record. Miata's are repeated award winners for a reason. I can attest to their superb engineering having been a previous owner of an '08.
Patrick Schalk Feb 12, 2011
I just think they could've done better with the miata. To be honest I see way more old ones than new ones so I'm surprised they even make them anymore. They should at least put a decent V6 in em to make more fun. They handle great but no power at all
John Frum Feb 12, 2011
Performance and reliability is iffy
John Frum Feb 12, 2011
I don't like the Z4 that much. It does look good, but
Andy Rogers Feb 12, 2011
Don't know how nice a Z3 is though
Andy Rogers Feb 12, 2011
I don't 100% agree with you. More like 50%. Both are way overpriced. But the Z4 has an excuse because it's actually very nice
Patrick Schalk Feb 11, 2011
That's like saying I have a special edition of my poop. Miatas are such a waste of money as are Z4s and Z3s. Why would anyone spend that kind of money on these? They are only making 750 of them cause only 750 people like Miatas
Bill Gray Feb 14, 2011
It was called The Monster Miata. It was wicked fast.
Bill Gray Feb 14, 2011
I read in a magazine that a tuner in Calif. was putting a 302 mustang engine in a Miata.
John Frum Feb 12, 2011
Mazda's V6 is underpowered. The VW 1.4 TSFI is good. It makes 180+ hp. Or Fiat's 1.7. It makes 230+ hp. Rotary engines burn fuel like a bigger V6 (The RX-8 gets similar mileage as my mom's XC90, slightly better than my E90 M3) and have little torque
Douglas Dielle Feb 12, 2011
@Jonathan - I seriously don't think Mazda would be disappointed to know you've left them for a Mustang. Seriously no.
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 12, 2011
@Richard P-If I really wanted a Wankel, I'd be better off in an RX-7. It's a relatively light car to begin with, it's already engineered for high o/p engines, and there's a ton of aftermarket body kits so it would look however I wanted it to...
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 12, 2011
@Richard P-Motor swap would have been nice but the car would require extensive modifications to harness the increased power. I was pondering a V-8 swap for a while, but it seemed a bit of a hassle to me.
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 11, 2011
I traded my '08 MX-5 for a '11 Mustang GT/CS. The Miata had a superior handling feel but the 5.0 has superior power and unparalleled engine acoustics. Sorry Mazda.
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 11, 2011
I say V-6 because Mazda already has one in their stable. A V-8 Miata would absolutely cannibalize any RX model.
Gokor Donelyan Feb 11, 2011
I'll take a hands s2k any day. Not that there is any competition with the miata..
John Frum Feb 11, 2011
No V6. If you're gonna add weight, do it the right way. LS7!!!
Lee Hyatt Feb 11, 2011
Haha I saw that on car crazy or something where they dropped a 350 in a miata. It was pretty funny I thought
Andy Rogers Feb 11, 2011
That IS what we want. The Miata drives great but is too slow!
Jonathan Newcastle Feb 11, 2011
How about a Mazdaspeed version? That's what the people really want. Turbocharge or swap for a V-6, make a more aggressive front fascia kit, and put 2 inch wider tires out back and call it a day!
Description: It includes Bilstein shocks, a limited-slip differential, and a sport-tuned suspension. This package is normally optional on the Grand Touring model. Total power from the 2.0-liter naturally aspirated...
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Adam Zarytsky Feb 28, 2011
@Douglas Totally agree... It's sad, all everyone whines about is how this and that has more power and blah blah
Bill Gray Feb 14, 2011
My wides car is a turbo 4-cyl CX-7 and it hauls pretty good....what about one of those.
John Frum Feb 12, 2011
The point is great handling. And good price. Do prefer the S2000…
Douglas Dielle Feb 12, 2011
Bunch of shallow fools asking for more power in an MX-5. Missing the point completely, as usual.
Lee Hyatt Feb 12, 2011
How come they have never put a rotary engine in the mx-5? That would be pretty cool
Myles Anthony Wong Feb 12, 2011
Is Mazda stupid? There is soo much space under that hood... Where is the 3.7 V6? That can EASILY fit in there... Then Itl be worth the 31 grand. I could buy an accord v6 coupe, C300, TSX, A4, or G37 for 31 grand. Cmon Mazda!
Damon Franklin Feb 11, 2011
Why can't it be a 2.6? Insted of 2.0?
Lee Hyatt Feb 11, 2011
Give me 200-250 HP and I might consider it
Description: Riding on 17-inch Bright Finish aluminum alloy wheels, it will have a base price of $30,925 for the six-speed manual model and $31,525 for the six-speed Sport AT automatic. It should begin appearing i...
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Bill Gray Feb 14, 2011
You could buy a nice used corvette at that price. Lol
Jason Dannheim Feb 12, 2011
Cmon guys, you forget this is a special edition. Exclusivity comes at a price.
Ray Lockhart Feb 12, 2011
Really liked it till I had seen that price
Carlos Herrera Feb 11, 2011
Yeah the camero and mustang are just 8k more than the miata and are way better and look better.
Lee Hyatt Feb 11, 2011
Yeah really that's way overpriced. I was feeling like low 20's
Andy Rogers Feb 11, 2011
$30k for an MX5? No thank you
Bill Gray Feb 14, 2011
Great lookin' lil' 2 seater