Comments - Chicago 2011: Hyundai Veloster Rally Car

Published: Feb 11, 2011
Description: To make the official debut special, rally star Rhys Millen drove the new Hyundai Veloster Rally car on to the stage at this year's Chicago Auto Show. It comes with a hand-built Hyundai 2.0-liter ...
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John Frum Feb 11, 2011
If only this 500/600 output were available in a Hyundai street car
Description: The suspension is made up of Proflex jumbo coilovers and there are 18-inch HRE alloy wheels with 14-inch Alcon rotors up front and 12-inch Alcon rotors in the rear. Total curb weight comes in at just ...
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Bill Gray Feb 14, 2011
These should be available on the street.
Jason Dannheim Feb 12, 2011
Liked the concept more, sorry.
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Feb 11, 2011
Veloster evo sti?? Yes, they should.
Brady Fereday Feb 11, 2011
No I think it looks mean as hell :D
Stephen Ishard Feb 11, 2011
Hey still ugly as hell
Phillip Fitchew Feb 11, 2011
Hopefully this will inspire Hyundai to release versions with some of the equipment carried over from rally.
Alfredo Diaz Nov 13, 2011
Its to save weight and make it easier to work on wen it in the pits
Joseph Bello Jul 24, 2011
It's a rally car not a limo people...
Bill Gray Feb 14, 2011
Low budget interior.
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Feb 11, 2011
Lazy! Where's all the carpeting and leather? They didn't ever try to cover up the mechanical bits! Sloppy, sloppy!
Tom Franquelli Feb 11, 2011
That's a proper interior.
Bill Gray Feb 14, 2011
Pwr>weight ratio.... This thing should haul ass
Shayan Shekari Feb 12, 2011
Is this the same 2.0t from genesis coupe? I know that engine is similair block as the evo 10 engine?
Lee Hyatt Feb 11, 2011
I just think it looks weird from the side
Stephen Ishard Feb 11, 2011
Like a pissed off flu
Tom Franquelli Feb 11, 2011
I agree. But aggressive like an angry fat kid.