Comments - Chicago 2011: Audi TT RS

Published: Feb 11, 2011
Description: The moment of truth has arrived for American fans of the TT RS, of which there seem to be quite a few. Audi did a very cruel thing by not offering the TT RS in North America when it was first launched...
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Description: The reason for all of this excitement is pretty easy to understand. The TT RS is powered by Audi's new 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine. It produces 335 horsepower and 332lb-ft of torq...
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Bill Gray Feb 14, 2011
Always liked the TT. And with this 0-60 time, who can argue?
John Frum Feb 12, 2011
Audi's 5-cyl is great, go to Europe, and if you got friends with one of these, this thing is awesome. The 5-cyl makes sounds that 4 or 6 cyls can't match.
Anthony Surdo Feb 12, 2011
Yeah Lee is right. And the 5 cylinder in the S60 is a pretty good engine
Lee Hyatt Feb 12, 2011
I know the Volvo s60r uses a 5 cyl turbo engine and it's pretty quick
Garrett Farmer Feb 11, 2011
5 cylinder engine? Haha
Lee Hyatt Feb 11, 2011
I'm impressed with the power output and the 0-60 time
Matt Drum Jun 22, 2011
I do like it though haha
Matt Drum Jun 21, 2011
great car until the timing belt fails and you are 6 grand in the whole...
Pavel Kleymenov Feb 13, 2011
Oh TTs are soo awesome. Im a fan of all german cars. My goal is to get a tt by the end of 11 in WHITE.
John Frum Feb 12, 2011
The actual RS has pretty sweet air scoops. This is the standard. The TTS is pretty good too.
Andy Rogers Feb 12, 2011
We're talking about the TT in generals Or I am at least
Andy Rogers Feb 11, 2011
Yeah, it looks rather girly as a red convertible
George Rust Feb 11, 2011
Looks so much better with a roof.
Lee Hyatt Feb 11, 2011
Is the TT build on the frame of the Boxter? Sorry if it's a dumb question
John Frum Feb 12, 2011
Audis have great interiors. Beats BMW any day. My uncle's S4 has more comfortable seats than my E90 M3 in my opinion.
Will Conover Feb 12, 2011
Well I guess you get more for your money
Andy Rogers Feb 12, 2011
@Will But which cost more brand new? Exactly. I'd take an Audi over a VW any day but......
Michael Nicolson Feb 12, 2011
It's the driver's footrest, not clutch.
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Feb 11, 2011
It's needs to be that huge to handle all the power!
David Bright Feb 11, 2011
Dude, that clutch pedal is huge
Will Conover Feb 11, 2011
My family has an Audi and a VW and I can truthfully say the Audi is much more comfortable
Andy Rogers Feb 11, 2011
Wow! People aren't kidding when they say VWs are just as good interior wise as Audis. I know VW owns Audi but still!