Comments - Chicago 2011: 2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

Published: Feb 11, 2011
Description: Chevrolet has officially debuted their most technologically advanced Camaro ever at this year's 2011 Chicago Auto Show. Resurrecting the ZL1 name from 1969, the original featured an all-aluminum ...
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Justin Nichols Feb 21, 2011
Cody where do you live I will race you anytime And does this mean the z28 will be a twin turbo v6. Like the jay Leno concept
Bill Gray Feb 14, 2011
Hey, his name is peanut butter.......if he is still calling himself that and is 17 he must be mentally challeged. Have some respect..........It's ok peanut butter, of course you have the fastest and best car on the planet.
Eli Assini Feb 13, 2011
Just ignore the 17y/o he really drives a hand me down pos from the 90s.
Patrick Schalk Feb 13, 2011
Cody, this car does not weigh 5000 lbs, it DOES have tons of hp. Imprezas do NOT have 385 hp. And yes it is possible.
Cody Peanut-Butter Belair Feb 13, 2011
You people are simply ridiculous Theres no war a 5000 pound car with 500 hp could beat a 3200 pound car with 385 hp it's just impossible you people are just little " muscle car fanboys" or so you call em I call em tanks they are garbage
Mike Hawk Feb 13, 2011
Patrick, this kid is comparing apples and oranges from different fields. Don't let his stupid nonsense comments get to you. He's just a little brat who dont know nothin bout anything.
Patrick Schalk Feb 13, 2011
Does Vin Diesel say that? I don't get it. This car would beat any lap time you could get. Just because your car is AWD doesn't mean that you can beat anything on a track. My car has a full suspension and I bet it could still post better numbers
Josh Suter Feb 12, 2011
Yea and it would take every single hp of that 4100 barge to touch my lap time at a track with left AND right turns. And have a look in the mirror me "fast and furious," you're the one talking about "hell even my car will beat yours." okay vin diesel.
Patrick Schalk Feb 12, 2011
Yeah Cody. An Impreza would beat this. And then you woke up
Cody Peanut-Butter Belair Feb 12, 2011
By the way guy I'm seventeen years Old and yes I do drive btw camaro's are garbage and an imprezza would smoke this thing clean no questions asked..
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Feb 12, 2011
Stop feeding the trolls and trying to fight and convince people that a certain car is good. People won't change their minds and you'll look stupid for trying to argue... People wont like certain cads and there's ALWAYS a better car
Andy Rogers Feb 12, 2011
+1 to that Patrick And Fast and Furious crap = rice = stupid
Nicolas Pons Feb 12, 2011
Yeah I actually like camaros more than vetted they have a more agressive look. Though vetted may perform better
Patrick Schalk Feb 12, 2011
And Colin I don't think any opinion of cars should come from someone who can't reach the pedal. Camaros aren't junk. That's just an ignorant thing to say
Patrick Schalk Feb 12, 2011
Josh this would wipe the floor with that Impreza of yours, if it is yours. Hell, my car would beat that thing. You keep that fast and furious junk and I'll take this
Josh Suter Feb 12, 2011
Another lame GM re-badge
Ray Lockhart Feb 12, 2011
Why don't they put, you know a 427 in it. Would make since me
Diego Pasotti Feb 11, 2011
What???? 550hp, the LSA has 556 hp and 551 of torque! What happened to those 7 horses.
Stephen Ishard Feb 11, 2011
And camaros aren't bad at all you probably think Toyota's as good quality grow ip and learn something of course the vette is better why would they make the same car twice
Patrick Schalk Feb 11, 2011
Cody you don't look old enough to drive so your two pennies don't amount to anything
Cody Peanut-Butter Belair Feb 11, 2011
All camaro's are junk anyway.... They're just gonna make it some heavy heap of shit like all the other ones the only good car gm ever made was the vette zr1
Chandler Zohan Dixon May 26, 2011
If my kid looked at me like that I would make him sit in the naughty seat
Taylor J. Blake Apr 27, 2011
And there is a BMW plant in America. That's where your x3 x5 x6 come from.
Mike Hawk Feb 19, 2011
Thank you for renewing my respect to the Camaro.
Mike Hawk Feb 19, 2011
My hats off to the Aussies for an awesome car.
Mike Hawk Feb 19, 2011
Let's use the right choice of words: Engineered by australians Assembled in Canada Named by Americans
Mike Thomson Feb 19, 2011
It's build in Canada
Patrick Stefano Feb 19, 2011
this car is American u fools
Brad Doan Feb 18, 2011
Duuuude this car looks MEAN
Mike Hawk Feb 12, 2011
The only thing American about it is in the name
Mike Hawk Feb 12, 2011
Joe...this car IS Aussie.
Gino Dytlow Feb 12, 2011
I never thought I would say this. But wow this looks good.... :-)
Diego Pasotti Feb 11, 2011
@Cody Both of us are wrong we need to be more specific about what we talk, your example & mine are wrong, the 68 SS came with 350 & 396, the Z/28 came with the 350 & 302, what I'm trying to say is let's compare things right, not talk c***
Jeremy Fulcher Feb 11, 2011
Transformers!!!!!!!! It's a red bumblebee haha
Cody Andree Feb 11, 2011
1968 z28 smokes an SS anyday. Think about the new z28 coming out? Same as back in day. Gunna have much more power than the current fifth generation SS. From 1997-2002 the SS was the best. My parents had a 99 SS. Was rated at 325, more than z28
Anthony Reyes Feb 11, 2011
@Cody I'm pretty sure Z28 was never better then SS just that GM didn't come out with one like with the 3rd Generation only had rs z28 n iroc But SS has always been the best except for when they made zl1
Diego Pasotti Feb 11, 2011
@Cody Z/28 wasn't superior than the SS all the time, be more specific in the year that you're talking about. For Example, the 69" SS kill the 69" Z/28 same body, different wheels, hood & engine.
Cody Andree Feb 11, 2011
This should be the z28 u mean? Back in the day the z28 was the superior model over the SS. So since it's retro it should be the z28. Keep the zr1 it's badass
Anthony Noon Feb 11, 2011
This car is a big deal. This is what the SS should be and the SS now should be the z-28.
Lee Hyatt Feb 11, 2011
U gotta love the halos!
Patrick Schalk Feb 11, 2011
Chuck Norris's daily driver
Mitchell Cherry Feb 11, 2011
:0 woohh...that's awesome
Kyle Greenshields Feb 11, 2011
Looks like bumblebee from tf2
Description: It's mated to a six-speed manual that uses a dual-disc clutch, which enables the unit to handle the extra power. There's also a unique dual-mode exhaust system that can actually alter the s...
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Jason Dannheim Feb 12, 2011
"Staying true to its ancestor, the ZL1 is fitted with....Magnetic Ride Control...." WTF. The '69 ZL1 had magnetic shocks too?? We have gone nowhere in technology. This blows my mind.
Josh Suter Feb 12, 2011
So basically its a CTS-V coupe with a chevy badge. Typical GM
Rodney Rogers Junior Feb 12, 2011
That's vulgar art, pretty body with a vicious underfilling. :)
Stephen Ishard Feb 11, 2011
So sick :) so amazing
Andy Rogers Feb 11, 2011
Nothing says vulgar like a red engine cover announcing you have a supercharger...and there's nothing wrong with that
Description: The new aluminum hood is raised with a satin black carbon fiber insert that can increase downforce. There's also a rear spoiler and new 20-inch aluminum wheels. No pricing has been announced, but...
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Reece Trotter Jun 09, 2011
Bad ass is an understatement for this car
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Feb 12, 2011
Not a stupid way to look at cars because it's the same car... A 2k honda isn't so... Also it's powered to compete with the mustang so it's probably priced accordingly too. Which is good because competition is great
Andy Rogers Feb 12, 2011
@Barry Well you could just get a $2k Honda Civic and blow about $30k or so on performance mods and make it faster than any of those. Stupid way to look at cars
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 11, 2011
This and the gt500 are for people that have the cash to blow. For 20g less you can get base ss or gt, spend 15 of the 20 g saved and walk them. Nice car but not worth the extra cash to me.
Anthony Noon Feb 11, 2011
I say 52k starting and 57k loaded. I can't see there being to many options. Sound package maybe, technology package, I can't see it being much else because it's already top of the line for camaro.
Patrick Schalk Feb 11, 2011
I'm guessing 55-60 fully loaded
Andy Rogers Feb 11, 2011
Price? More than we can afford let's put it that way
Charles Hammatt Feb 13, 2011
Weird rims, but on the other hand, I think this car is freaking beautiful
Mike Hawk Feb 12, 2011
The obvious difference is that the GTS is a saloon
Mike Hawk Feb 12, 2011
Well actually, you wanks get the GTS. It's got the LS3 which is essentially the same motor as this Camaro
Mike Hawk Feb 12, 2011
Tim, just be happy that you have the camaro's brother, the VXR8 Bathurst
Tyson Stewart Feb 12, 2011
I must have one of these, in black!!!
Jason Dannheim Feb 12, 2011
Where are the dog-dish hubcaps?? Where?!
Brennon Aucoin Feb 11, 2011
Mustangs are now #2 on my list
Tim Gardner Feb 11, 2011
Wonder if I'll ever get to see one of these beasties in the UK? It'll be bloody expensive if it does make it over this side of the pond, everything imported from the US is.
Austin Johnson Feb 11, 2011
I like all but the rims and the grille.
Anthony Noon Feb 11, 2011
I love lenos camaro. I would take a twin turbo V6 any day
Zamiyaad Kausmally Feb 11, 2011
That new bumper and headlights really make a difference
Harry Blankenship Feb 11, 2011
this thing is gonna be a monster.
Jairo Rodriguez Feb 24, 2011
@ K.p. The interior in the stealth wasn't designed by a foreigner. Unless you consider Americans foreigners. Dodge designed the chassis and interior, and Mitsubishi designed some of the engines.
Patrick Schalk Feb 13, 2011
No one gets a muscle car based on a steering wheel and navigation. You sir, fail.
Charles Hammatt Feb 13, 2011
Stupid steering wheel and no navigation???? Fail
Ernest Grace Feb 12, 2011
Traditional Chevy interior. Looks like they are still using styling cues from the 80's. This is where Chevy always lags behind other manufacturers.
Bilal Saeed Feb 11, 2011
The steering wheel needs to lose the ugly yellow logo.....redesign the airbag shape over it also. They also need to take out those wide rectangle a/c ducts in the middle... And also put better seats in!
Kevin Staychill Feb 11, 2011
Could really have made steering wheel sportier, and dash seems a bit highfor a Camaro.
Derrick Bienemy Feb 11, 2011
They should put a navigation system in this bih.
Vincent Butler Feb 11, 2011
Steering wheel and dash are ugly.
James Hall Feb 11, 2011
Really love the new steering wheel, and the reworked dash.
Andy Rogers Feb 11, 2011
I really like the dials
Jason Dannheim Feb 12, 2011
I wish they understated the looks of this car. The original had the sleeper look down pat. Didn't know what it had till it smoked your ass, or you read on the hood.
Kevin Staychill Feb 11, 2011
An amazing car. Rims look a bit too spiky though.
Tim Gardner Feb 11, 2011
Can just see this image with the car standing still, rear wheels spinning, turning rubber into smoke!
Elias Saba Feb 11, 2011
The exhaust opens up at higher revs is what he meant.
Pfc Rueben Mcentire-Yslas Feb 11, 2011
@Gerald it doesnt rev any higher than the SS go look at the dials The v6 revs higher than either the SS and zl1. So ur sayin the v6 should have dual exhaust?
Gerald Castro Feb 11, 2011
Dual exhaust for higher rev's.
Kyle Riley Anderson Feb 11, 2011
Finally dual exhaust