Comments - Chicago 2011: 2012 Acura TL

Published: Feb 11, 2011
Description: While some car's looks improve with age, the Acura TL is, well, definitely not one of those cars. Apparently the automaker has received the message loud and clear because they have toned things d...
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Bill Gray Feb 14, 2011
They should be cheaper than last years model, if they didn't do to much to it.
Nicolas Blake Mullen Apr 14, 2011
The old style was so much better. (like 2004)
James Hall Feb 25, 2011
Waiting on to RL, due for a car soon, hoping they get this one right. Like by adding a V8 option. Or even standard. Hope the design department steps up their game this time around for the RL. Love the value in Acura's, resale value too. It's the best
Johannes Gonzalez Feb 13, 2011
Acura has been making ugly cars for the past 6 years
John Frum Feb 11, 2011
This reduces the ugliness of the 2011. Conservative is OK with me.
Lee Hyatt Feb 11, 2011
Hate the front. What an ugly geill
Scott Rice Feb 11, 2011
Here we go yet another conservative japanis design
Description: And since the interior has always been a major plus, Acura decided to leave that department alone. The TL's new front look also includes a redesigned bumper with improved aerodynamics, updated he...
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Ronnie Morales Feb 22, 2011
It be kinda hot if they made this a coupe..CL ;)
John Frum Feb 12, 2011
Some, not all Acuras. The previous gen TL and TSX were good. And the RSX. The RL is a POS, as with the TL with the beak. But the powertrain is great. The 3.7 V6 has great power, along with a 6MT and the AWD.
Andy Rogers Feb 12, 2011
Indeed they are. They're like Lexus
Anthony Surdo Feb 12, 2011
Acura makes good cars Tom. They defiantly are not POS
Tom Franquelli Feb 11, 2011
Looks better than the most recent POS.
Description: They've also updated the HDD-based navigation system to 60 gigabytes that expands map coverage, increases the USB speed connection, and the VGA monitor has brighter and richer colors.
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Bill Gray Feb 14, 2011
They ought to be the deal of the year.
Tim Gardner Feb 11, 2011
Looks like the Mazda 6 from this angle.