Comments - Jeff Koons Creates the BMW M3 GT2 Miniature Art Car

Published: Dec 09, 2011
Description: American artist Jeff Koons has created a terrific miniature art car using power, motion and light as inspiration. The BMW M3 GT2 Art Car model was built on a 1:18 scale compared to the real thing. The...
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Description: Only 5,000 miniatures of the BMW M3 GT2 Art Car will be produced, each containing a clear varnish that makes the models really pop with color. The model is available for order now at BMW's offici...
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Shane Gardner Dec 10, 2011
This is gonna go for probably 2 times the market value of a normal 1:18th scale model.
Zain Sheikh Dec 11, 2011
I got this in forza 4 . Has pretty nice handling at high speed
Christopher Alex Mohamed Dec 10, 2011
This car is in forza 4
Nathaniel Young Dec 09, 2011
This car is art with the paint, or without
Patrick Schalk Dec 09, 2011
Looks like an ugly sweater. Don't like.
Vincent Butler Dec 09, 2011
Wow my eyes are hurting from Pure Awesomeness. Kung Fu Panda!!!!!
James Mcmahon Dec 10, 2011
Theres white stuff on the rear lol
Axel Cousins Dec 09, 2011
Kind of cool. I like how it looks like exploded paint.