Comments - Toyota and BMW, New Cooperation in the Industry

Published: Dec 08, 2011
Description: The intensive competition in the automotive market has created a new alliance, currently on a small scale, between Toyota and BMW. As of 2014, BMW will begin supplying Toyota with advanced 1.6 and 2.0...
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Kris Scrase Dec 09, 2011
Um.. They are the same companies... Just different names for the US market. Toyota and BMW are no way affiliated in any way before this ( that I am aware of)
Zain Sheikh Dec 08, 2011
Brilliance of Toyota and epicness of BMW = epic fuel efficient
Bryan Wesly Pascual Dec 08, 2011
I hope they are able to make the worlds most fuel efficient Diesel Hybrid car that exceeds 100 mpg
Mike Botté Dec 08, 2011
One of the most boring driving cars allies with the driving machine, (vs) a while back I was reading on carbuzz about mercedes and Infiniti engines being shared and what not. Both amazing cars. Let's see who dominates.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 08, 2011
Toyota Prius - making us all wish we were blind...
Matthew McKernan Dec 08, 2011
What is this horrible monstrosity!?!?!?!
Description: Currently, the company is suffering from a lack of diesel engines which are popular in European. In this market, Toyota, despite their long time efforts, just couldn't increase its market share....
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Raymond Reynoso Dec 08, 2011
Which are popular in European..... Ahhh finish the thought
Description: Toyota President Akio Toyoda said: "It is a great joy and a thrill to enter into this mid-to-long-term collaborative relationship with BMW. In the spirit of contributing to furthering the develop...
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Zain Sheikh Dec 08, 2011
This is first time japan and Germany have met since WW2
Raymond Reynoso Dec 08, 2011
The Germans and Japan... WWIII?