Description: We have seen the Jaguar XF Sportbrake testing around England before, as well as seeing some teaser photos around the web. Well, Jaguar has decided to take its slow-reveal a bit further in their Christ...
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Mattaius Younger Dec 09, 2011
I think it's fun....we know the model so no need to hide all the car, just the new bits lol
Kyle McCullough Dec 08, 2011
Its a pun based on the fact that the car is still partially covered by camo
Raymond Reynoso Dec 08, 2011
What did they do there?
Description: The model is getting closer to production, and a full reveal could happen sometime in the next few months. We expect it to make its way to dealerships by late 2012. In any case, check out Jaguar'...
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FoxRS Dec 08, 2011
wasn't expecting a wagon version of the XF. Love the Idea already!
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 10, 2011
Thought they were British?
Mattaius Younger Dec 09, 2011
They are Indian owned at the moment,TATA
Domenic Sergi Dec 09, 2011
Um... Since when is Jaguar German?
David Rosenberg Dec 09, 2011
Since when do germans celeb. Chris.
Shawn Sullivan Dec 09, 2011
Sorry but I like the cadi cts-v
Kevin Rehbock Dec 08, 2011
This or the CLS Shooting Brake? I can't decide. And that's a bad thing.