Comments - 2013 Dodge Dart to Feature 9-Speed Auto; 40 MPG

Published: Dec 08, 2011
Description: Just a few days ago Dodge released some teaser images of their 2013 Dart compact sedan, which will have its official debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month. And now we're finding out more det...
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Zaire Wilkins Feb 28, 2012
nooo it can switch to the last 9th gear lower rpms gass sipper
Manaf A. Al-Shekhly Dec 20, 2011
Yeah so much for a compact sedan ...
Tin Nguyen Dec 09, 2011
9 speed. Pointless. Just because you have more speed doesnt mean you'll have better mileage.
Corey Blomquist Dec 08, 2011
@Kevin - thank you for knowing what you're talking about.
Devin Babyn Dec 08, 2011
Could you imagine if it was manual. You're arm would fall off from all the shifting
Riley McKelvie Dec 08, 2011
@kevin, finally someone that understands the point of a 9 speed
Antonio Falsetti Dec 08, 2011
It must have more then one over drive gear otherwise it's pointless having so many gears.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 08, 2011
It's much more efficient to use gears appropriate to the load and have the engine run at its optimal rev range to maximize economy and power at the wheels. The is one of the ways existing engines can use much less fuel - a 9 speeder linked to a small capacity hybrid/turbo/super charged engine would be a good thing. CVTs are not very good performance wise anyway.
AJ Haverly Dec 08, 2011
"change gear change gear change gear check your mirrors murder a prostitute"-Jeremy Clarkson
Hunter Willkie Dec 08, 2011
so it needs 9 gears to hit 40 mpg? an 07 Corolla can do it with 5 a new focus can do it with 6. Hell a 1978 datsun b210 with a 5 speed could hit 40 mpg no problem
Corey Blomquist Dec 08, 2011
@bryan - while i do think the CVT is smoother, i think it was ONE of the main reasons the caliber died. I have a manual one that i love, but had a CVT for a year and it sucked. I could be wrong though..
Bryan Wesly Pascual Dec 08, 2011
Why not a CVT its a lot smoother
Scott Gracey Dec 08, 2011
This just has problems written all over it
Clint Edwards Dec 08, 2011
That thing's gonna jump around so much it'd drive me crazy. Next up, we're transplanting the 18 speed out of a Peterbilt
Heath Spence Dec 08, 2011
I find 6 speed autos ponderous at low speeds, so I'm sure this will be a pain in parking lots.
Ryan Delano Thomas Dec 08, 2011
That's alot of gear I'm guessing tho that 8th and 9th gear will be cruising gears
Abdulnasir AlMassloom Dec 08, 2011
Does it hunt for the 1st and 2nd gear too much?
Stephen Cobbs Dec 08, 2011
Not like anyone who buys that car is gonna hit the 9th gear sooooo.
Riley McKelvie Dec 08, 2011
So why does it matter if that's a lot??
Vince DeMasi Dec 08, 2011
I guess it will help fuel economy but like that's so many lol
Vince DeMasi Dec 08, 2011
Nine speed?! I thought those new eight speeds were alot why so many gears?!
David Neuman Dec 12, 2011
Don't like it? Don't buy it! Pretty simply the way I see it.
Luke Gordon Dec 11, 2011
Id really like them to change the name. It irritates me that it's name is the dart. Back in the day they were fire breathing street cars. Now it's name is just being thrown on to some gas saving four cylinder. Don't ruin the name dodge!!
Peter Bruschi Dec 09, 2011
lol somethin tells me its gonna look more like a neon revival than a dart rising from the grave.... at least call the performance model the swinger, then ill b happy :)
Clint Edwards Dec 08, 2011
@Chloe how do you see anything that resembles a Challenger?
Antonio Falsetti Dec 08, 2011
Looks good. I hope they put their 2.4 liter turbo and a manual trans. And keep it cheap. I would buy it then.
Vincent Gaglioti Dec 08, 2011
What I mean is with what they have here I don't like
Erik Olsen Dec 08, 2011
They better show the whole thing soon or no one is going to give a crap, especially after the fail that was the caliber...
Vincent Gaglioti Dec 08, 2011
Don't really like it
Description: As a result, the Dart can be capable of hitting that industry important 40 mpg mark. The other two transmission options will likely be a six-speed dual-clutch and a six-speed manual. Engine options wi...
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Description: Regardless of all of this, our biggest interest in the Dart is the fact that it's based on the same platform as the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. If done correctly, the Dart could in fact be the closest ...
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Tin Nguyen Dec 09, 2011
I would never take chrysler serious. Their cars are junk. I say this from personal experience.
Tyler Chess Dec 08, 2011
Afla and Chrysler two lefts don't make a right.
Raymond Reynoso Dec 08, 2011
Yeah exactly, Alfas are problematic
Matty Michaels Dec 08, 2011
They said Alfa, not Fiat.
Justin Mather Dec 08, 2011
Oh, it's on an Alfa platform, so it will break down as soon as you drive it off the lot.
David Neuman Dec 12, 2011
Kinda looks like an sti to me.
Devin Babyn Dec 08, 2011
Ha, ha.. ha..... That joke was terrible
Antonio Falsetti Dec 08, 2011
Those bug eyed headlights have to go.
Zack Stotler Dec 08, 2011
Does anyone else think this car would look great with halo lights?
Zachary Maurer Dec 08, 2011
I can tell that the profile is avenger(hight, length, body dementions) than the visuel looks like the charger
Jason Dannheim Dec 08, 2011
They coulda called this the Neon with the way the headlight bulges out like that. Bugeyes!
Garrett Keller Dec 08, 2011
The grill and the headlights reminds me of a golf. But that's just me
Dale Denis Dec 08, 2011
With a lil Viper thrown in!!
Devin Babyn Dec 08, 2011
He's the next Sherlock Holms
Garrett Frye Dec 08, 2011
You can see this much of the car and you can tell that? Your deductive skills amaze me... I wish I had skills like that... *rolls eyes*.
Chris Benson Dec 08, 2011
What? The avenger and charger look nothing alike...
Zachary Maurer Dec 08, 2011
I can tell that this looks like a avenger and charger combined
Andrew Palmer Dec 09, 2011
That stupid light bar ruins it for me...
Devin Babyn Dec 09, 2011
But journeys are so ugly to begin with so I'd never want one
Michael Bichay Dec 09, 2011
F that I'd get the '11 Quest!
Patrick Schalk Dec 08, 2011
The R/T Journeys are actually pretty cool.
Devin Babyn Dec 08, 2011
I'd get a sporty wagon never a van
Corey Blomquist Dec 08, 2011
@Devin - well.. if you were a dad of 6 boys, wouldn't you want a sweet r/t van vs. a boring one? hahaha...
Devin Babyn Dec 08, 2011
Hahahahaha they make a journey and grand caravan R/T models? I swear dodge is retarded how are they still in business
Riley Gonzales Dec 08, 2011
Well Im pretty sure the Grand Caravan, Avenger and Journey R/T don't have v8's
Michael Riley Dec 08, 2011
So I guess that R/T symbol don't mean shit now. No V8 in this car :/
Nick Benz Dec 08, 2011
I also see some corvette and a touch of fiat 500. Auto-plagiarism
Bryan Garza Dec 08, 2011
Nah, looks like a Lamborghini. Obvious rip off.