Description: Finding a Lamborghini Countach 5000S in mint condition doesn't happen every day, and this historical gem built in 1982 made its way to the US as the first 5.0-liter (LP500).
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Devin Mortenson Dec 12, 2011
I did it is an awesome car my dad loved them when he was young (but the American bumper ruins it a bit) and because I loved lombos so much he gave me a book about the history of the countach that kinda old read it in a few hours
Tim Puckett Dec 10, 2011
Anyone else notice someone said it was a diablo
David Eslava Dec 08, 2011
It's kinda surprising but I heard Jay Leno saying that this car was aweful in aerodinamics, he said it was a brick against the wind...
Ori Haviv Dec 08, 2011
I saw a yellow one not to long ago around my house. So rare I had to pull a u turn to take pics
Jon Dustin House Dec 07, 2011
It's crazy to see how far interiors in Lambos have cone. Both in comfort and looks.
Vincent Wouters Dec 07, 2011
I won't dare to drive it!
Jairo Garcia Dec 07, 2011
Nice, like how he has the iPod adapter for the cassette player n not sum gps tht doesn't belong in this icon
Ben Mossing Dec 07, 2011
It sounds like it's got a buzzer from a 1998 Pete 387
Jay Kolvenbag Dec 07, 2011
Its so ugly and so AWESOME!!!!
Igor Natsioks Dec 07, 2011
"old bird"? I would call it an "old bull" if anything
Brandon Navidad Dec 07, 2011
That's what's up a Valentine radar detector haha
Jason Dannheim Dec 07, 2011
The Diablo was on a poster on every boy's wall in the 80's/early 90's. A true auto icon.
Tin Nguyen Dec 07, 2011
That is a detached house with 3 car garage,
Darren Nardo Dec 07, 2011
This car truly made super cars , super!!!!!
Raymond Reynoso Dec 07, 2011
He could have gotten a detached house from the price of this thing
Alex Sharp Dec 07, 2011
This car is simply awesome.. Only thing thats kinda bad are the cartoonish headlights, but you can always fold them down :)
Description: What makes this Lambo so important is that having started life carbonated, it became the prototype for fuel injection, becoming the first ever fuel-injected Lamborghini. The car was later shipped back...
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Johnny Galt Jun 21, 2014
You are all wrong. The Lamborghini 5000S was a fizzy, delicious cool summer refreshment. Wish I had a frosty mug of 5000S right now.
Colin Dzendolet Dec 07, 2011
No longer carbonated? At least you don't have to worry about shaking it up any more
Garrett Frye Dec 07, 2011
Damn, that carbonated typo confused me for a second
Gianni Falzone Dec 07, 2011
Article destroyed by iPhone autocorrect.
Jake Knickmeyer Dec 07, 2011
Carbureted, not carbonated. Get it together, carbuzz.
Jimmy Nordloh Dec 07, 2011
Carbonated? It's a Lamborghini, not a Pepsi
Peter Squire Jan 14, 2012
Clearly there r more viper fans then LAMBO fana
Buzzle Guzzle Doo Dec 12, 2011
Thats pretty obviously not an ACR, I think its the older GTS. You can tell by the light positioning
Andrew Potter Dec 09, 2011
Still the benchmark for what supercars should be.
Brandon Garcia Dec 07, 2011
100% the GTS body style. Look at the rims also, that is a giveaway.
Ben Matthews Dec 07, 2011
Since its the newer viper body style and Dodge didn't sell a newer GTSR to the public I'd say it's the ACR.
Michael Childs Dec 07, 2011
lucky guy sadly i spotted the gtsr first *drool*
Chris Penza Dec 07, 2011
That's a GTSR road car
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Dec 07, 2011
Its a viper GTS with a spoiler. In blue with white stripes
Jack Howard Dec 07, 2011
Kinda looks like a slr mclaren
Nicolas Pons Dec 07, 2011
Don't see anything in the garage
Andrew Mullin Dec 07, 2011
Is that a viper in the gerage?