Description: Renntech has been known for performing great work on Mercedes-Benz, and with their take on the CLS63 AMG, they stepped their game up to another level and pitted it against the notorious 2012 Nissan GT...
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Saud Al Masoud Jan 06, 2012
That we call it a car ;)
Michael Woodworth Dec 09, 2011
The power is from an ECU upgrade alone- no exhaust. According to there site this CLS63 is "TUNE ONLY". Impressive for just an ECU upgrade- The link to RENNtechs blog is here where it says "with a RENNtech tune only, the base CLS63 made 639 hp and 734 TQ:
Jordan Smith Dec 08, 2011
All that power just from ECU and exhaust? Imagine if they "tuned" it!
Description: Performance numbers for the Benz have increased greatly, hitting 60mph from rest in only 3.4 seconds. Renntech was so confident in their work that they took it down to the Palm Beach International Rac...
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Ning Ge Dec 12, 2011
Four door coupe vs two door sports car, hmmmm, good for the testers.
Michael Lepinay Dec 09, 2011
Merc had slicks on back. Normal wheels/tires and it would be high 11 sec trap
David Harris Dec 08, 2011
I would rather take the GT-R
Vince DeMasi Dec 08, 2011
Nice race! But did that merc get an early launch his stage light went red? Unless I didn't see right
Oswald Lee Dec 08, 2011
GTR is always used for experimental purposes, why don't they use a Veryon?
Danny Tran Dec 08, 2011
That was a close race. But damn 660 hp is alot. And it needed all that hp to move its fat heavy ass
Garrett Frye Dec 08, 2011
Gtr back seats suck, if your taller than around 5'10" your head hits the ceiling on every bump, and you have no leg room(im 6'3"). and in order for a 6'+ driver to be comfortable the front seat is against the back seat
Joel Hayes Dec 08, 2011
Yeah and you can take 3 other people with u in comfort in the merc. The gtr back seats look pretty small
Paul Lissona Dec 08, 2011
Yes I'd rather have the mercedes too, looks really good.
Tyler Richey Dec 08, 2011
Yeah, especially if he FS again. Cheater. ;)
Scott Gracey Dec 08, 2011
Another hundred yards an the merc would have killed it, pretty impressed
Miguel Longoria Dec 08, 2011
Definitely worth the $3,500!
Jason Brower Dec 08, 2011
Wow 3.4 for 0-60 is great
Description: The most impressive thing about the American's tuning job? This is only their Stage 1 package. The Renntech Stage 1 package for the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG ran the quarter-mile in 11.21 sec...
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Rui Jordan Gonçalves Dec 13, 2011
I need that tuning done to my 08 GL 450...any 1 knows of a tuning shop in New Jersey?
Nick88gm Dec 08, 2011
wow.that's unheard of as far as price.
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Dec 08, 2011
That is amazingly cheap, I wonder if car buzz forgot a zero somewhere...
Brad Wood Dec 08, 2011
150 HP & 220 tq for that price? Best deal on the tuner market (if you can afford the car that is)
Dwight Isaac Dec 08, 2011
It's rwd... What nobody drag races anymore? Those are obviously drag radials or slicks on the stock rims we do the time
Edward Rios Dec 08, 2011
Well, all I know is that this Benz is haulin the mail, for sure. The tire combo is definitely working!
Brad Wood Dec 08, 2011
That rear door looks like it has been repainted.
Boyd Boudreaux Dec 08, 2011
It's a street/drag tire, stickier compound than a standard street tire
Nick Benz Dec 08, 2011
Thicker tire means bigger contact patch. The diameter of the tire never changes so the aspect ratio is the same.
John Trimborn Dec 08, 2011
stock provides a taller tire aspect ratio for a better launch.
Taylor Greenfield Dec 08, 2011
Stocks on rear, Renntech's on front
Edward Rios Dec 08, 2011
Is it me? Or does the Benz have different size wheels front to back?