Description: As we edge ever closer to the Detroit Auto Show, we are starting to get a better idea of what General Motors are planning for the event. The all-new Cadillac ATS we already know about, having been con...
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Garrick Caperton Dec 07, 2011
Obviously it's not riced's American made....aka not a ricer
Zachary Maurer Dec 07, 2011
Crap, I go to the detroit auto show, and I'm stuck liking at a riced out old man suv, and a riced out aveo replacement, only gm...
Description: The model will likely be based on the same long-wheel-base Theta platform underpinning the Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain, and take design cues from the Buick Envision Concept. A production version of ...
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Josiah Thomas Clements Dec 08, 2011
They completely ripped off INFINITI....
Ryan Delano Thomas Dec 08, 2011
I agree It is Lexus like and other asian Marques as well
Paul Lissona Dec 07, 2011
Yah Chinese style should stay in china and American style should be fully American.
Jason Dannheim Dec 07, 2011
True guys, we do have our own style as do Asia and Europe. The thing is, Buick's current largest market is China. I'm willing to bet week's pay that this concept was designed there.
Lewis Secor Dec 07, 2011
@Michael, very well said because japenese cars have their own styling and us Americans have our own styling, let's stick to our American style and leave Honda and Toyota to their styling
Michael Bichay Dec 07, 2011
Stop tryna copy the japanese design and stick with bold American styling
Zachary Maurer Dec 07, 2011
The Mazda cx-5, Honda cr-v, the chevy equinox, the dodge journy, all look the same, and now they bring this in...
Dale Schroeder Dec 07, 2011
I don't like how the grille cuts up into the hoodline like that. It looks awkward.
Cham Khiev Dec 07, 2011
Still a buick.... Garbage
Paul Lissona Dec 07, 2011
I don't like this actually, there's too many companies that look like this now.
Tashfeen Masood Qayyum Dec 07, 2011
Lot of design cues from Saab 94-x, Saab Aero-X etc.
Andrew Hubbard Dec 07, 2011
I hope it looks just like this.
Stephen Cobbs Dec 07, 2011
I like what Buick is doin these days.
Ryan Delano Thomas Dec 08, 2011
Looks good for a Buick
Jesse Demasi Dec 07, 2011
Why do people hate on Buick? Does anyone remember the amazing cars they made like the gnx?
Cody Andree Dec 07, 2011
If it said infiniti or beamer alot of people on here would probably like it. Probobly even drool. Everybody hates on Buick. Respect the history if nothing else
Michael Gallagher Dec 07, 2011
Those are the lines of the essence.
Igor Natsioks Dec 07, 2011
The rear looks like a dog going for a dump
Brahim Gudah Dec 07, 2011
Lines remind me of the horrible lines that Hyundai is just sticking all lover their cars
Scott Lenahan Dec 07, 2011
its a little busy but I like it!
Ryan Delano Thomas Dec 08, 2011
This will never make it to production and someone brought up parking garages, very good point
Cam Heaney Dec 07, 2011
So it's an enclave with lambo doors
Forrest Wood Dec 07, 2011
It would suck having those doors and having to park in a parking garage
Callum Mckay Dec 07, 2011
I like it, even though it wont end up havin those doors
Zachary Maurer Dec 07, 2011
The only car I know without a b pillar is the Mercedes cl class, and I know at least 100 concepts without b pillars, highly unlikley this is going to not have a b pillar, anyone agree
Brahim Gudah Dec 07, 2011
... Can't blame them it's rly just a cool way to not worry about Slammin into people but without having to use minivan doors
Steve Waskiewicz Dec 07, 2011
Buick's plan to prevent "those that have lived too long" from buying their cars has just been revealed! Can you imagine an osteoporosis patient lifting those doors. In Russia, you don't break Buicks. Buicks break you.
Cody Jacques Dec 07, 2011
a concept is ment to make you say, wow thats cool! Not wow thats totally stupid. needless to say thats not cool
Francois Joannette Dec 07, 2011
That's the reason it's a concept!! Don't you ever notice that concept in early stage always have funky open door that let's you see clearly the inside without B pillar ???
Chris Benson Dec 07, 2011
These doors became less special when you could get them for a civic.
Thibault Leroy Dec 07, 2011
you know i think siccor doors are nice but if SUVs and crossovers start getting them then it wont make them special anymore i think it should be only for sports cars
Zachary Maurer Dec 08, 2011
I'm pritty shure that ur comment beat mine dean
Dean Kaitson Dec 07, 2011
Dumbest shit I've herd all day This guy VVVV
Zachary Maurer Dec 07, 2011
Cool idea of the ghost seat, lololololol
Fred Anidem Dec 07, 2011
whats up with all these futuristic cars... they all suck. I want cars from the movie meet the robinsons. they fly, time travel and all tgat good ish.
Ethan Amo Dec 07, 2011
I've seen better, much better