Comments - Video: Nissan Juke-R Laps Silverstone

Published: Dec 06, 2011
Description: Built in collaboration with UK motorsport firm Ray Mallock Limited, the Juke-R, with its gentle but odd-looking Juke face and fierce Godzilla guts aka a 480hp 3.8-liter biturbo V6, has been taken for ...
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Mario Callirgos Dec 07, 2011
You think chevy will step up and put a LS7 in there HHR
George Van Den Heever Dec 07, 2011
Love it, if ever there was potential to create the ultimate sleeper here it is, just build the car Nissan you know people will snap them up in a blink
Johnny Bonanni Dec 06, 2011
Thats what i meant thanks sean :)
Sean Bray Dec 06, 2011
Sequential turbo is Different size turbos. Twin and biturbo are the same thing
Garrett Frye Dec 06, 2011
@Ian: the sound is pretty close to a GT-R's from the inside, that isn't even a very loud car.
Devin Babyn Dec 06, 2011
I'm pretty sure bi-turbo is when you have the little and big turbo's
Carlie George Dec 06, 2011
@Caleb my thoughts exactly
Johnny Bonanni Dec 06, 2011
@ kyle i believe bi-turbo refers to a set up with two separate turbos (one for every 3 cylinders in this case), and a twin set up is commonly one big one and a smaller one set up together, the small one for lower rpms and the big for more, i think :)
Marthy Gajardo Dec 06, 2011
Stupid video! That could be just a regular juke, no noise or anything signifying its a real Juke-R!
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Dec 06, 2011
I couldn't even watch the movie with that music in the background, please let me hear the sound of the car!
Kyle McCullough Dec 06, 2011
Why is everything biturbo. I thpught the term was twin-turbo
Michael Riley Dec 06, 2011
wish it was like official laps with like a timer and where they STAYED on the track.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Dec 06, 2011
I'd rather see it on the nurburgring or back home in laps at the sozuka circuit
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Dec 06, 2011
They ruined the video with that stupid music anyways
Description: Although street legal, the crossover is not intended for production; yet with a few more impressive test runs such as this (ideally on a clear day with a professional driver), there's an outside ...
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Johnny Hoover Dec 06, 2011
Booo! Why do ppl like weird bubble cars that look like Easter eggs
Walker Carroll Jul 23, 2012
Remember. Nissan did this as a joke in their vacation time. Then people offered lots of money for it. So they built more than one
Kyle Blank Dec 06, 2011
why do people hate the Juke so much?
Alex Sharp Dec 06, 2011
Thats why its so brilliant. People will roll up next to you laughing, and drive home crying.
Zack Hickman Dec 06, 2011
Such a Japanese looking car. Ugly.
Taylor Greenfield Dec 08, 2011
The back looks like a Seat Leon Cupra
Dale Schroeder Dec 06, 2011
Lexus lost money on every LFA they sold, but the publicity it generated made up for it. This could probably do the same for Nissan if they did a limited run of them.
Jack Howard Dec 06, 2011
I thought they were inly making 2
Devin Babyn Dec 06, 2011
Yes it easily would considering THEY DON'T MAKE 350z's anymore get with the times it's a 370z
Jason Colkitt Dec 06, 2011
Not true. I bet it out sells the 350z in the first year.
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Dec 06, 2011
Definitely an engineering feat but it would never make it to production because it would make no profit
ideal6aaron Dec 06, 2011
na Guy... its right on!!!
Tucker Grimley Dec 06, 2011
@devin it never breaks because it's a Nissan.......
Devin Babyn Dec 06, 2011
How can you work on an engine when it's halfway into the cab