Comments - Video: Lotus Driver in Australia is a Hard Yakka

Published: Dec 06, 2011
Description: During the running of the Island Magic Enduro 2011 race, a Lotus Exige GT3 driver became a bit impatient while trying to chase down the leader and decided to thread the needle between a Porsche Boxste...
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Chad Quesenberry Feb 12, 2012
Just wow, that puts speed into perspective.
Sam Oglesby Dec 06, 2011
Holy cow if he was second going that fast there's no wonder no one saw the car in furst
Andrew Grimm Dec 06, 2011
That is what I thought it was at first too, a corvette. But then I slowed it down and saw the sides and it was a lotus.
Bob Thebuilder Dec 06, 2011
Sounded like he got clipped, it was just the wind though
Michael Ioia Dec 06, 2011
Never mind, I slowed it down and it was a Lotus. The tail light look similar and in the blur first thought was Corvette.
Michael Ioia Dec 06, 2011
It looked like a Corvette not a Lotus ...
Jeffrey Mares Dec 06, 2011
Holy crap that was just a blur....
Zack Hickman Dec 06, 2011
I don't think the lotus hit either of those cars.
Description: You can even hear the Lotus clip the #66 Mazda MX-5 racer around the 30-second mark. Pretty harrowing stuff. The Class E racers were seen from the #66 car's onboard cam. Bart Mawer was piloting t...
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Buzzle Guzzle Doo Dec 11, 2011
I like how it says 'Vodka' in the top left corner
Matthew McKernan Dec 06, 2011
That's crazy. I saw this on yesterday.
Nick Rios Dec 06, 2011
Like a baws haha.. Man has large cojones
Alexander Pecheny Dec 06, 2011
Racing is racing, get over it CarBuzz.
Sebastian Grey Dec 06, 2011
In the video it definitely says the Lotus was piloted by one Angelo Lezaris. Not Bart Mawer.
Michael Douglas Dec 06, 2011
"you can hear them clip" yeah who ever was wacthing this was smoking crack
Sebastian Grey Dec 06, 2011
This guy's got balls.
Clint Edwards Dec 06, 2011
"Yeah, I can probably make that"
Micah Lau Dec 06, 2011
Dangerous? Yes. Daring? Yes. Cool? Hell yeah. I wonder if he was reprimanded for that pass.
Sebastian Grey Dec 06, 2011
Bret Mawer drives the Porsche Boxter, Angelo Lazaris drives the Lotus GT3, and I don't know who drives the Mazda.