Top Gear Spotted Filming in Beijing

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Jeremy Clarkson and James May have just been spotted filming a segment in smog covered Beijing.
The Top Gear guys have just been spotted filming an episode for their new season in Beijing, China. However, they didn't exactly pick the best time of year to film there. At the moment, Beijing is cold with grey skies and plenty of fog. More specifically, that fog is mostly smog, which has already caused the Beijing airport to shut down for a few days. And now Jeremy Clarkson and James May are in town to film a segment about Chinese cars.
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From these photos, we can see Captain Slow himself along with Mr. Clarkson smoking cigarettes in the already nasty outdoor air. So we'll have to wait until the new season premieres to find out more about their time in the Far East. And we're sure Clarkson won't be shy in keeping his opinions to himself regarding the rapidly growing Chinese auto market.