Description: Digital displays. GPS. Rear-view CCTV camera. Hydraulic door-entry system. Auto-seeking radio system. Smart AC system. 4.2-liter Holden V8 engine with 262hp output. Those may not sound revolutionary t...
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Troy O'Rourke Feb 01, 2012
@chris, yeah because the Audi has current day technology... More then forty years have passed.
Chris Tietjen Dec 07, 2011
The v8 is nearly 200 less than the same displacement Audi v8
Patrick R. Manuel Dec 06, 2011
@Ryan - in the Holden Hurricane it did.
Ryan Stringer Dec 06, 2011
GPS didn't exist back then.
Duncan Gibson Dec 11, 2011
Looks so cool. So damn cool
Devin Mortenson Dec 07, 2011
To good for it's time
David Agius Dec 06, 2011
Really seems ahead of its time, looks really good for late 60s
Jordan Smith Dec 06, 2011
This makes me wish I was Australian. Mate
Joel Hayes Dec 06, 2011
This is amazing for 1969!
Description: It's truly incredible how right they were, since most of the future-tech features in the 1969 Hurricane concept car are now considered standard in regular models on today's roads. Since its ...
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Description: "It's amazing to think that the features we take for granted today were born out of creative minds over 40 years ago." Check out the finished Holden Hurricane concept in the photos and ...
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Trevor Brown Dec 06, 2011
There are a few things missing to make it legal, such as a rear window or mirrors.
Patrick Schalk Dec 06, 2011
I read the article Carter. Still reminds me of a Honda Insight.
Andrew Grimm Dec 06, 2011
And now my interest went down quite a few points with the rear tire covers
Chris Penza Dec 06, 2011
Yeah that just killed the rest of the car for me
Carter Sullivan Dec 06, 2011
Did not read the article? It's cool.
Patrick Schalk Dec 06, 2011
Haha what is this Honda Insight turd?
Anthony J. Mitchell Dec 07, 2011
It would really suck for the driver if they took this car through a drive-through
Jordan Smith Dec 06, 2011
Has it been around since 1969?
Edith Wharton Dec 06, 2011
The saab aero x has been around as a concept for a long time and looks way better than this
FoxRS Dec 06, 2011
there was a Saab concept recently with this same open system. curious
Vince Cassi Dec 06, 2011
Kinda reminds me of the GT40