Description: Dodge has just revealed in an official press release as well as their Facebook page a few images, some details, and the name of their new compact sedan: the Dart. Set to make its official debut at the...
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Duncan Gibson Dec 10, 2011
So they will continue naming their cars after munitions. Looks good from these pics tho.
Clint Edwards Dec 07, 2011
@Vincent every large manufacturer has made recalls. No big deal
Wade T. Smith Dec 07, 2011
I had a Dart for many years. That good ole slant six!
Brad Dill Dec 07, 2011
Vincent's an a active dodge hater!! But cars are only built to last 70,000 cause that's about the time they sell them.. No one makes a bad car anymore... They are all an equal gamble!!
Vincent Butler Dec 07, 2011
Sorry ment srt8 Look it up. They had to recall hundreds of srt8
Payne Hodges Wilson Dec 06, 2011
@Vincent you know nothing about mopar engines if you the the hemi is that unreliable. That is possibly the best engine they have in production in terms of reliability and performance.
Landon Combass Dec 06, 2011
@Vincent really well seeing that all Chrysler Group LLC owns Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep and there all the same under the skin. We own a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it has 96k miles on it and we haven't one problem. You know nothing.
Patrick Schalk Dec 06, 2011
I thought the Caliber was a good idea. Just not well executed. It got cheap REAL fast.
Vincent Butler Dec 06, 2011
Well dodge is pretty shit anyways there srt8/hemi. Put 70+k miles on it & u will have problems.
Robby Bradford Dec 06, 2011
Kevin they definitely saw you and made it that haha... They made a good choice. Hopefully they won't raise the price too much
Quinn Anderson Dec 06, 2011
I knew It!!!! I saw your prediction and agreed with you
Kevin Rehbock Dec 06, 2011
Even better if they bring back the Swinger.
Matt Robbins Dec 06, 2011
I REALLY hope so Kevin
Vince DeMasi Dec 06, 2011
They brought back the dart!!
Vincent Butler Dec 06, 2011
Well the cost will numb up 5-10gs for that
Kevin Rehbock Dec 06, 2011
Maybe they're preparing an AWD SRT4 too. Just like I suggested last time.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 06, 2011
Holy schnikes. I actually predicted the name of this car in the last article they ran on this car.
Colby Filkins Dec 08, 2011
I thought it was a '12 charger rt
Clint Edwards Dec 07, 2011
@Greg well they already did it with the Malibu
Greg Lewis Dec 07, 2011
Agreed with Andrew. If GM was to make a FWD 4cyl 4 door chevelle, heads would roll!
Jason Dannheim Dec 07, 2011
I'm tired of so many people complaining about names being used that don't fit the heritage or history of a company. A company has to evolve over time, so does their product. It can't stay the same forever. Plus the re aren't many names left unused.
Alfredo Diaz Dec 07, 2011
The chargers should of been coupes istead of sedans its jusr not right having 4 doors on a charger
Jon Ashley Dec 06, 2011
It's a great move by dodge, but I agree, the name doesn't suit
Andrew Fortner Dec 06, 2011
I think the neon nameplate would have more credit with the younger tuner crowd and not anger the mature muscle car lovers.
Jimmy Williams Dec 06, 2011
I'm building a 1972 440 Dodge Dart right now. So wrong to steal this name for a FWD 4 cyl, but hopefully will still be a great car.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 06, 2011
Please be AWD with a 5-speed, I would take it over the BRZ which I've been saving up for.
Will Revene Dec 06, 2011
It's also family characteristic of car manufactures. They want similarities in their line up so there's a way to identify it as a dodge, Chevy, or what ever it is
Angel G. Ortega-Valentin Dec 06, 2011
I think it's actually a smart move..not everyone can afford a SRT8 or a Z06 and to have a car with some design cues similar to those cars can help sales significantly.
Kerry Parma Dec 06, 2011
*Charger instead of Challenger
Kerry Parma Dec 06, 2011
Cars like this rob the Challenger of some it's nostalgia. It's like when Chevrolet put 4 round tail lights on its Cobalt, a design taken from the Vet. Dumb move!
Randy Geniec Dec 06, 2011
My dad had a beige Dodge Dart back in the 70's. Let's hope it's nothing like it.
Erik Rudolph Dec 06, 2011
Reminds me of the charger
Description: The 2013 Dodge Dart will be facing stiff competition, but we have great expectations because it's the first Chrysler Group vehicle to be based on a Fiat architecture, specifically the Alfa Romeo ...
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Vince DeMasi Dec 06, 2011
I love how car companies are bringing back fast cars sooo nice
Alexander Pecheny Dec 06, 2011
Whack. I want Alfa Romeo styling with Dodge muscle, not Dodge styling.
Description: Power will come from either a "Tigershark" 2.0-liter four-cylinder, a 1.4-liter MultiAir (which also powers the Fiat 500), or a new "Tigershark" 2.4-liter MultiAir four-cylinder. ...
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Corey Blomquist Dec 07, 2011
@Brad - pretty sure he was talking about the fact that Alfa and Fiat have been using the engines for a while now, not Dodge. Try reading, thinking, THEN comment.
Brad Dill Dec 07, 2011
Quinn this is first time they have ever used a fiat engine in a dodge! Look up stuff it will help u in life!
Avery Doyal Dec 06, 2011
Please don't ruin the dart with an under powered 4 cylinder. Please
Quinn Anderson Dec 06, 2011
It's Alfa's and fiats engine not dodge's, they have been using these engines for little while now
Paul Lissona Dec 06, 2011
Yah how does tiger shark have anything to Do with what an engine does or is? It's like calling an engine a brown dirt or white paint, how does that make sense?
Barry Boo Wilson Dec 06, 2011
Name FAIL!!! Just stop it dodge please. First the charger now the dart :(.
Will Revene Dec 06, 2011
I can't believe they're making a dodge dart with 4 cylinders.
Sebastian Grey Dec 06, 2011
What is @Tigershark?"
Cristian Hernandez Dec 07, 2011
Supposed to be a compact coupe?
Greg Lewis Dec 07, 2011
Got my eye.... Not that I'd buy it, but like how dodge maybe heading.
Zac D'Anna Dec 07, 2011
I hate how dodge brings back old 2 door cars as 4 doors... ie: dodge charger
Kevin Rehbock Dec 06, 2011
Comparing this and the spy shots that have been going around on the web, I would say this is close to production.
Jon Ashley Dec 06, 2011
Coupe version in the future?
Carl Tirella Dec 06, 2011
I'm excited for this :)
Luis Enrique Lara Dec 06, 2011
No not aveo but a tini tiny look of Hyundai i30
Edith Wharton Dec 06, 2011
Its a sedan... 2 door handles
FoxRS Dec 06, 2011
Chevrolet Aveo front look alike xD
Shaun Conroy Dec 06, 2011
This bears an uncanny resemblance the the VW IROC concept of 2006. Check it out at Very similar.
Matt Robbins Dec 06, 2011
Do I see two door handles or one oddly shaped one??
Wayne Joseph Borean Dec 06, 2011
A lot nicer looking than the 'Seventies Dart. And with those engines it should go faster (the slant six was a dog).
Erik Rudolph Dec 06, 2011
I thought the dodge dart would never come back again