Description: Gucci, Prada, nah... this is a dress made up entirely of Ford car parts. Ford UK is getting ready to celebrate 100 years and thanks to a pair of young British designers and a Scottish Designer of the ...
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Description: Speaking about her creation for Ford's anniversary, she said "When the box of car parts arrived, I didn't really know what to expect. It doesn't help that I can't actually dri...
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Phil Johnson Dec 06, 2011
Its not a Bentley. Hopefully I won't have the car much longer, those books are spendy!
FoxRS Dec 06, 2011
Fords are really good here in Europe, they have lots of good quality reputation. Good looking, too. I like them.
Lenny MacGuyver Dec 06, 2011
Yeah but is it a Bentley?.. Once you see one, you'll understand what I mean.. Regardless, good luck with you dub. Nissans are great cars.
Phil Johnson Dec 06, 2011
I have a manual, still doesn't explain the electrical poltergeists in my mkIII. After owning one I can appreciate the engineering in my Nissan. MUCH better built car.
Lenny MacGuyver Dec 06, 2011
@Phil: get a Bentley manual for your VW. Those are the VW Bibles. @Josiah & Garret: thanks for the love!
Lenny MacGuyver Dec 06, 2011
..connect SEVEN socket extensions together to take the dashboard apart..
Lenny MacGuyver Dec 06, 2011
Just cause you can manage money doesn't mean you can build a decent car.. And yeah I've worked on a ton of VWs, I've got two engines sitting in my garage.. Love em. You can appreciate the engineering.. Unlike Fords. The only car I've ever had to...
Phil Johnson Dec 06, 2011
Hard to work on a Ford?? Have you ever tried to diagnose and fix electrical problems in a German car!?
Garrett Frye Dec 06, 2011
He did state a fact, he talked about the difficulty of working on fords, which I agree with from my work on the ford in my family. And the dealership service sucked more dick than any dealership I've ever seen. So the statement was based in fact
Ryan Gutierrez Dec 05, 2011
@Chris M: all youve done so far is talk shit about americans and american cars, if thats all you plan on doing, then just stop posting >:|
Josiah Thomas Clements Dec 05, 2011
@Brenden: your a lot more of a fanboy than Lenny is. He's just stating a fact. Your the one getting all offended and $hit.
Chris Penza Dec 05, 2011
@Dylan don't forget Suzuki. Besides that you're completely right
Lenny MacGuyver Dec 05, 2011
Ford's are garbage. If you've ever picked up a wrench in your life, you will know this. You can't fix em and the dealership will eat you alive.
Lenny MacGuyver Dec 05, 2011
@Shane, nope. No Corolla. But I do have a 4th Gen Celica, a Subaru, a late 80's Chrysler on wire wheels and a VW Jetta.. The Chrysler is probably the ONLY domestic car I'll ever own. For good reason.
Phil Johnson Dec 05, 2011
Fords are nice these days. I wouldn't touch another German car though, one of the biggest mistakes I've made was buying a VW. Oh and wtf? This is considered fashion these days?
Dylan Bures Dec 05, 2011
Dahaitsu, isuzu, and kia. Shit
Chris M Dec 05, 2011
North American cars suck anyway all about German and japansese!
Ken Madison Dec 05, 2011
I wouldn't touch an Evo, and I'm quite sober.
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 05, 2011
So Michael your saying great iconic Mitsubishi evos are not good enough to your standards. Are you high?
Paul Lissona Dec 05, 2011
New fusions for example are really high quality.
Mario Callirgos Dec 05, 2011
First on race day. Ford
Nick Rios Dec 05, 2011
Drive any new ford and you'll be impressed.
Michael Palazzo Dec 05, 2011
not true, Ford has some very nice cars, the worst cars to own would probably be an Izuzu or a Mitsubishi.
Shane Jansen Dec 05, 2011
Lenny I'm going to guess you drive a 1998 Toyota corolla?
Lenny MacGuyver Dec 05, 2011
All yours, lady. Dress up a Ford all you like. They're still the worst cars to own in North America..
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 19, 2011
The guys face expresses how we all feel.
Matt Moeller Dec 05, 2011
I love ford but the marketing dept blows. Who were they hoping this would speak to?
Christo Savaides Dec 05, 2011
These pics are too low res.
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 05, 2011
What a shit way to celebrate 100 years. That's a good year for a company and they result it into an old looking lady dressed in car parts
Garrett Frye Dec 05, 2011
Whats better than a model? A model without her clothes on, not covered in massive clothes made of ford parts haha
Shane Jansen Dec 05, 2011
I love ford and I love models, but.... Uhhh I'm not quite sure this is working