Description: Being the host of a popular automotive program has countless perks. Besides from earning a solid salary, you get the chance to drive all of the best new cars hitting the market (not to mention many ra...
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Garrett Frye Dec 05, 2011
I love the app, but please start fixing grammar mistakes before posting stories
Description: Powered by a hand-built 6.0-liter V12 with 490hp, it can reportedly go from 0 to 60mph in 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 183mph.
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Michael Palazzo Dec 06, 2011
id take a DBS over any Mustang or Camaro, its the sexiest car out there.
Devin Mortenson Dec 06, 2011
I'd go buy an older gallardo or something
Devin Mortenson Dec 06, 2011
He's right but being a mustang and Shelby guy I wouldn't tak the virage
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Dec 05, 2011
I do agree that it should have more than 490 hp with that motor, but come guys you can't compare this and a GT 500, they're cars for two different target markets. A gt 500 guy wants to be a bad ass, an Aston guy buys it for glamour and the badge
Kyran Kenny Dec 05, 2011
I u wanna watch a staged program watch top gear if ya wanna watch a real program about cars watch fifth gear
Michael Palazzo Dec 05, 2011
fifth gear is not top gear! And I agree with him, I love the DBS, this car just doesn't do it for me.
Alexander Mayorga Dec 05, 2011
£160,000 for 490hp V12? Weakk, I agree with the guy below me, stay w/ the cobra
Jack Higgins Dec 05, 2011
I'd keep my gt500 rather than buy this. Your only buying an Aston badge.
Alexander Pecheny Dec 05, 2011
Vs top gear bc fifth gear can drive their cars hard.
Alexander Pecheny Dec 05, 2011
Thibault, a long time ago Top Gear was Jeremy Clarkson and Tiff Needell on the same show. Something happened and they split into their own shows, plus those "stupid people" are real race car drivers and in many instances I like watching fifth gear
Joel Hayes Dec 05, 2011
I saw a virage roadster last week!
Thibault Leroy Dec 05, 2011
the first time i saw fith gear i seriously thought it was a parody of top gear but then i realized they were just stupid people trying to be as good as top gear
Description: Although it has a striking resemblance to the DB9 and DBS, the car is actually positioned between the two in terms of both price and performance.

So what could be better than driving a V12-po...
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Josh Melhorn Dec 05, 2011
The orange color for the Virage coupe is amazing!
Rishaan Sharma Dec 08, 2011
Best looking cars of any car maker in the entire world
Justin Mather Dec 07, 2011
Absolutely beautiful.
Casper Due Hansen Dec 06, 2011
Proud of being danish with B&O in the back! @Michael Palazzo - They're making fantastic speakers! Both for your home and for you car
Michael Palazzo Dec 05, 2011
the beat car speakers, yes. I heard there home speakers aren't very good.
Kent Sullivan Dec 05, 2011
Bang & Olufsen makes speakers.... its a brand, not a band
Sonia Ellis Dec 15, 2011
Luscious refinement comes to mind.