Comments - Immaculate 1979 Chevy Camaro Z28 is a Dream Buy

Published: Dec 05, 2011
Description: This second-generation F2 has been so well restored that it's arguably better than when it originally rolled off the factory floor. Finished in sizzling black and orange, the top-notch restoratio...
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James Mcmahon Dec 05, 2011
Guys wat are yall talking about my neighbor has two 2005 camaros lol
Patrick Schalk Dec 05, 2011
Yeah that's why my favorite vehicle is the VW Beetle, which actually means Jeep Wrangler.
Micah Lau Dec 05, 2011
Why, of course, Brad. It is very common for people to refer to the Ford Mustangs as its nickname the Chevrolet Camaro. What were we thinking?
Brad Hickey Dec 05, 2011
You guys do realize he is talking about a mustang right?
Jack Tubio Dec 05, 2011
My neighbor has a '69 z28. It sounds amazing.
Jesse Demasi Dec 05, 2011
@matt good luck, I hear their really hard to come by now a days
Amir Roy Dec 05, 2011
@ Matt where did you get this information about a non-existing car?
Emmanuel Irizarry Dec 05, 2011
@Matt no wonder ur still looking for it... IT DOESNT EXIST LOL
Erik Rudolph Dec 05, 2011
@ matt they stopped making the camaro in 2002
Micah Lau Dec 05, 2011
Take this thing back 10 or 11 years to the F1 body style and I'll be all over it. That said, this thing rocks.
Matt Moeller Dec 05, 2011
I'm still looking for a 2005 camaro, the year they decided to lead the industry with a retro model pony car.
Sol Watts Dec 05, 2011
The era where that happened was weird
Adam Lopinsky Dec 05, 2011
Oh hell yes! I love old camaros!
Description: Only 3191 miles are on the odometer so the car's original 350-cubic inch small-block V8, sitting over an original factory three-speed Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission, remains in a very he...
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Michael Gallagher Dec 05, 2011
It's auto? Ugh.. No wonder it's so cheap
Description: For sale with original documentation, owner's manual, original maintenance pamphlet and 1979 Camaro sales brochure, you won't see many better 2-gen Camaros with original numbers matching dri...
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Reece Andrew Loughmiller Jul 26, 2013
I hate when they call a car an investment. This is a vehicle, not a bank account. It deserves to be driven and wrung out.
Aj TheDark Artist Dec 07, 2011
@Connor @Phil Shut-Up! The worst ones made were the crappy 3rd gens with those anemic 305's. Now those were ugly and slow. These are gorgeous.
George Van Den Heever Dec 07, 2011
Very nice, would not say no if I got 1 of them.
Phil Johnson Dec 06, 2011
Waste of money. Worst Camaro's they ever made. Period.
Greg Lewis Dec 05, 2011
@David thanks, that was bugging me! 85k for a new 79 ta is a great investment. A local dealer a few years back had an untitled 64 GTO suck in a freight elevator in a condemned building. It collapsed before they could get it out. :(
Brian W. Soper Dec 05, 2011
Someone needs to drive that car and get the condensation out of the exhaust! And what's up with the hood fitment?
Vince DeMasi Dec 05, 2011
I love f bodys! This isn't the best looking year this is in perfect condition
Connor Green Dec 05, 2011
Just one of the worst Camaros over made
Jason Dannheim Dec 05, 2011
My dad owned a '78 Type LT Black on Black with this engine special ordered. The only difference was the suspension upgrades. I think we'd still have it if it hadn't been wrecked by some red-light runner. Well done on this car, they don't get respect.
Tim Preisinger Dec 05, 2011
Wasn't there a '70 chevelle ss 454 that had something like 20 original miles on it, That sold for 3 million a few years back?
Adam Lopinsky Dec 05, 2011
Man if I had the money I'd buy this and drive it. Sick ride
Jesse Demasi Dec 05, 2011
I almost bought one of there's but it was in really bad condition and I couldn't afford to restore it and I didn't know how to really at the time
David Aiken Dec 05, 2011
@ Greg. That untitled '79 Trans Am (with only 6.7 miles from what I read) sold for $85,000.
Greg Lewis Dec 05, 2011
The never titled 79 TA with 30 miles on it car buzz ran an article on few months ago would been better investment. What ever did that car sell for?
Micah Lau Dec 05, 2011
At $30k this car is a steal. Wow, what a deal.
Andrew Mullin Dec 05, 2011
This is the car that got me into cars, love it!
Dustin Choate Dec 07, 2011
How can anyone say this car is horrible? It's an American Classic that was built the way cars should be built. Big gas guzzling V8's and mean looking styling. Respect the classics.
Greg Kenerly Dec 05, 2011
Front sucks but the rear is boss.
Connor Green Dec 05, 2011
It's just an awful car
Cody Andree Dec 05, 2011
Yes I know it was a trans am in the bandit by the way. Respect the name just not the model
Cody Andree Dec 05, 2011
Let me start by saying I'm more of a chevy guy. And camaro is my favourite sound. But these models were just junk. Emmissions were so bad that in smokey and the bandit 2 they needs o equipp NoS to do a brake stand. 30,000 not well spent. Ls1 anyone?
Kai Andrew Carlson Dec 05, 2011
The First mullet machine! Some of GMs worst generation of cars.
Patrick Schalk Dec 05, 2011
My mom had a 79 Z28. I loved that thing. Wish she would've kept it for me.
Clint Edwards Dec 05, 2011
Yeah, it's a nice change of pace to see one that's not covered in rust and bondo
Majed Ameeri Dec 05, 2011
First one in good condition
Elijah McCord Dec 05, 2011
I wouldve made it black and orange like the outside of the car
Colby Filkins Dec 08, 2011
R u retarded, muff said
Brett Stephens Dec 07, 2011
Wait a minute... Where are the Bluetooth and stereo steering wheel buttons?