Description: German car model specialist Robert Guelpen, famed for his mindboggling $2.93 million Bugatti Veyron toy, has attempted to create the most expensive and most precious model car in the world. Based on t...
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Kalven Bonin Dec 06, 2011
Um, 1/1000 of a millimeter, I didn't even know there was something that small.
Description: The rims are cast from solid gold and platinum, as is the entire interior, seats, cockpit and steering wheel. 700 diamonds have been used in each seat with high-quality clear diamonds for the headligh...
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Jakey Boy Crompton Jan 19, 2012
I could sell my Bugatti veyron for that
Dexter Carroll Dec 06, 2011
its dumb who wants to spend 7,000,000 on a car
Chris Penza Dec 05, 2011
I should sell my viper GTSR model for $2,000,000. It's made of real metal
Hamza Hamid Dec 05, 2011
Or, if you have the money, both
Vince Cassi Dec 05, 2011
Hmm.... Buy a model of the car for 5 mil, or buy the real thing for 400,00
Clay Higdon Dec 05, 2011
How much would this thing weigh I wonder?
Michael Riley Dec 05, 2011
Wish it was a lil bigger haha
Carlie George Dec 05, 2011
Finally a car that doesn't depreciate
Emil Kleijsen Dec 05, 2011
Oh it's a toy xD I actually thought it was a real car, now the price makes sense xD
Justin Harris Dec 07, 2011
@Pavel Why so racist? All nationalities have bad neighborhoods.
Mike Conrad Dec 06, 2011
Wonder what oil baron will snap this up
Carlie George Dec 06, 2011
@pavel if I seen you in my neighborhood I would chisel u then take your girl lol
Pavel Kleymenov Dec 06, 2011
Imagine driving this Lamborghini in a black neighborhood. Let's just hope there aren't any chisels near by.
Ryan Delano Thomas Dec 06, 2011
Agreed this is headed for a shiek's coffee table
Cho Dan Dec 06, 2011
Some guy in Saudi Arabia will buy this.
Matthew McKernan Dec 05, 2011
This is both really cool and really stupid at the same time.
Jack Tubio Dec 05, 2011
Probably a good investment..
Luke Bailey Dec 05, 2011 thoughts exactly lol
Andy Kleschick Dec 05, 2011
hey, at least it goes to charity. but i'd still rather buy a 1:1 scale model of it, to these exact specs.
Shane Jansen Dec 05, 2011
Love Lamborghini, love carbon fibre, love gold. But what a waste of money. If they made an actual Lamborghini Aventador like this itd likely be in the billions.
Adam Lopinsky Dec 05, 2011
And you sir have no sense of grammar or spelling
Mathias Henz Dec 05, 2011
i think anibody they bought this overratet usless Pice of beauty, has no sens of art
Ali Darwish Dec 05, 2011
I really need to get one ....! But not for 5 millions ;)
Bailey McLendon Nov 15, 2012
Absolutely hate the seats. Looks like a 6 year old bedazzled them with fake diamonds.
Trevin Howell Dec 15, 2011
It's funny when you can tell people don't read.
Chris Benson Dec 06, 2011
Funny because it is?
Seroga Kononov Dec 06, 2011
Looks like a toy car
Bailey McLendon Nov 15, 2012
My Bullitt Steve McQueen 1:18 scale Mustang is a lot nicer than this could ever be
Bryan Bohling Sep 04, 2012
Good luck getting in it Alex. It might be a little small
Alex Medvedev Jun 01, 2012
Sick wait till you crash it
Michael DiDomenico Dec 07, 2011
DAMN thts so sick!! but a waste of money