Description: Earlier this year, the Lotus Evora GTE was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and as a road-going version of the Evora GTE cup car it was released as a serious driving machine. That's probably...
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Description: The special-edition Lotus was showcased at Alvin Ailey's Opening Night Gala, a star-studded event featuring Alicia Keys and John Legend, and this collaborative effort will eventually see unique L...
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Dylan Bruder Dec 05, 2011
Lotus is devolving engines with their next wave of cars coming up unless plans change
Ken Madison Dec 04, 2011
Yes, but no one who has a Toyota V6 got one for the performance aspect. Lotus has don't some cool stuff with toyota's econo-crap, but it's time for lotus to developed their own engines. Or at least start planning to.
Cho Dan Dec 04, 2011
Ken, any idea how many toyota V6's are in the US? The buyers of this car could care less who makes the engine or they wouldn't buy it. John, the Esprit had a I4 forever, it was late into the last gen of esprit production that the V8 was offered.
Ken Madison Dec 04, 2011
Yeah, they have taken themselves out of the American market with that Toyota V6.
John Falcone Dec 04, 2011
Cho, I'm just trying to say that Lotus should go back to the way the had it with the Esprit - light, quick cars with a mid-mounted V8
Ryan Kimmel Dec 04, 2011
They are pulling 438 hp out of that V6 w/ room to draw more. The 3.5 liter Toyota motor is bullet-proof. Beats the Toyota sourced 4 cylinder Lotus has been using in years past. A buddy of mine is looking to do a V6 swap in his Elise. TT Viper killer.
Cho Dan Dec 04, 2011
BTW, the engine is a tuned version of the 3.5 V6 in the Camry. Is it okay that it still has a Camry engine?
Cho Dan Dec 04, 2011
John, this is the GTE version I mentioned in the last Lotus article.
Jason Brower Dec 04, 2011
I'm glad the p zero corsa system is finally getting recognition. It's the best tire for street driving that is on the market today.
John Falcone Dec 04, 2011
Finally, some real power. Just what this car needed.
Charles Pope Dec 06, 2011
Saw one of these sexy babes today!! Oooh... It was all clean shiny black. :)
Chris Penza Dec 04, 2011
He's a rapper. I knew some of their cars would have chrome now; but this looks cool
Dan Ruth Dec 05, 2011
I believe it is lightly inspired from this car, well the evora i mean
Adelaide Marconi Dec 05, 2011
This particular version reminds me of a Tesla Roadster.
Devin Baker Dec 04, 2011
Ah, you're probably right Caleb. The write up said chrome colored body kit so I was confused. Fantastic looking car by the way.
Devin Baker Dec 04, 2011
I'm sorry call me stupid, but I don't see chrome?
Kenneth Williams Dec 04, 2011
The wet ground and cloudy sky really set it off
Clayton Corley Dec 04, 2011
The chrome on this is just right and not too shiny
Timothy Hooker Dec 04, 2011
Gunmetal in matte finish would set this thing off
Jesse Johnson Dec 04, 2011
This car is sexy hot!!
Tanner Middleton Dec 04, 2011
this is soo beautiful, great colours
Jason Brower Dec 04, 2011
This is the perfect way to beef up this car. It's aggressive, but form follows function, like it should
Trevor Brown Dec 04, 2011
This looks really good, but I wish they made the roof the same color as the body.
Duncan Gibson Dec 10, 2011
Looks great overall. Nothing looks better in wold color than a lotus
Chris Penza Dec 04, 2011
Those taillights remind me of the 599XX
Albert Tsakanikas Dec 04, 2011
This looks like a sweet ride. I especially love the paint job. I'd be afraid to even touch it for fear that it would forever spoil the beauty of the chrome paint.
Aj TheDark Artist Dec 07, 2011
@Alan He designed this particular car dummy!!!! What the hell do u use your brain for?!!!
Scott Gracey Dec 04, 2011
I'd ravage that woman
Alan Bradford Cassell Dec 04, 2011
What the hell does swizz beats have to do with cars!?
Kenneth Williams Dec 04, 2011
Can you get down with Simon flash!!! Lmbo. Couldn't help it
Stephen Cobbs Dec 04, 2011
Swizz is a lucky man. Alicia Keys <3.
Chris Penza Dec 04, 2011
I love how they both derped except the girl