Comments - Dakar 2012: Can Robby Gordon Win In South America?

Published: Dec 31, 2011
Description: Just a few years ago it looked as if the greatest motoring adventure on earth, the Dakar Rally, was doomed. In 2008 it was cancelled the day before the start due to safety concerns, after armed groups...
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Buddy Robinson Jan 01, 2012
Yea but this is a different kind of endurance, off road, need to be awake and aware for so long....
No Pistons Jan 01, 2012
You never know, I despise NASCAR but NASCAR is all about endurance and that's exactly what this is about
Justin R. Thebodeau Dec 31, 2011
Robbie Gordon wont win at all
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 31, 2011
This is the longest article ever.
Description: The marathon rally, which dates back to 1979, seemed to be at the end of the road. However, a year later it was resurrected, though no more in North West Africa, but on South American soil. Three year...
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David Rosenberg Jan 01, 2012
Lol I'm on Netgear right now! Lol
Description: On January 1st 2012, the 34th edition of the Dakar (including the cancelled one) and the fourth South American edition, will kick-start from Argentina's Mar del Plata on the Atlantic Ocean, in th...
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Description: The difficulties and dangers of the Dakar are evident from the huge number of fatalities that have afflicted it in the 33 editions as more than 50 people, participants, mechanics or bystanders, have b...
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Clay Higdon Jan 01, 2012
33 raced and 50 dead. That's crazy.
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 31, 2011
Looks like a bulldog running up to bite your face off.
Michael Evans Dec 31, 2011
Better to travel in sand if you stuck let the air out to make wider foot print but look how tall they are it helps when you jump.
Nick Benz Dec 31, 2011
Those are some skinny little tires
Description: After the withdrawal of last year winners, Volkswagen Motorsport, only BMW Group with its MINI project will bring a manufacturer's effort to the event. That leaves the door open for crews driving...
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Description: "The idea of not doing the Dakar was terrible," he said. "After Volkswagen's withdrawal I was bothered because I really wanted to defend my title. I looked for new solutions and I ...
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Michael Evans Dec 31, 2011
Love it wish they will make this for street then maybe it will come out from under the shadow of the couple.
Description: He will also try hard to improve on his best result so far, 3rd place back in 2009, in his seventh consecutive Dakar. "Last year, the Dakar was an agonizing defeat for me," said Gordon. &quo...
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Shane Gardner Jan 01, 2012
4WD would be nice too Mr. Gordon.
Description: "Last year was a struggle," said de Villiers. "After Volkswagen's pull-out I had little time to organize a program for 2012. Fortunately, I had begun talks with Toyota in South Afr...
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Brad Claridge Jan 02, 2012
It's not a cooper it's a countryman
David Rosenberg Jan 01, 2012
@Jim it's not a copper it's a Cooper and it's an awesome pic.
Jim Jimm Dec 31, 2011
Why would you choose a copper for off roading
Brian Decker Dec 31, 2011
Quality photo! Awesome!
Timothy Hooker Dec 31, 2011
Awesome picture....and please
Mohammad AL-sulimani Dec 31, 2011
This is not cool for this car
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 31, 2011
Smokin... Err I mean dustinnnnn
Description: It is powered by a twin-turbo 3.0-liter diesel that generates over 315 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and a top speed of 112 mph. Last year the car failed to reach the finish line when BMW also supported an ...
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Description: We won in Abu Dhabi but we experienced some problems on the Silk Way Rally with a fuel system problem. But everything that didn't work right has been repaired and we found the solutions." Be...
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Michael Evans Dec 31, 2011
I will take the orange and green.
Chad Terrell Dec 31, 2011
Monster minis launch, woah
Anthony Calderaro Dec 31, 2011
There actually mini countrymens
Thibault Leroy Dec 31, 2011
o i thought they were veyrons
Colton Kreuzer Dec 31, 2011
now that is a great shot.
Jack Huford Jan 01, 2012
Now, maybe if they were flat black or green, That would be badass
Mohammad AL-sulimani Dec 31, 2011
What kind of movie that part will be ?
Jonathan Romero Dec 31, 2011
Go go power rangers!!
Luke Walker Dec 31, 2011
Thought they said it was a V8.
Pieter Kruger Dec 31, 2011
As I got to know Toyotas in SA, it will be a force to be recon'd with.
Chad Terrell Dec 31, 2011
Imperially badass, I bet that 6 cylinder is quick
Mr.philly215 Dec 31, 2011
Paul Lissona Dec 31, 2011
Id rather drive something else too.
Chad Terrell Dec 31, 2011
And if it's h2 bodied, well ur in luck because the H2 won off road challenge 2 years in a row in Off Road magazine
Chad Terrell Dec 31, 2011
Gotta remember tho, it's also packin a mean v8 I'm sure
Cody Jacques Dec 31, 2011
That looks heavy, no thanks ill take the minis
Pieter Kruger Dec 31, 2011
I wish it was possible to see more of the Dakar, 1/2 hour per day is soooo little!
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Dec 31, 2011
I would be a dream to be able to drive this rally