Comments - BMW X5 Stretched 5 Meters, Renamed X55

Published: Dec 31, 2011
Description: China's ever-growing love affair with the car industry is resulting in some pretty spectacular tuning projects; and what could be the longest X5 in the world is the latest creation to emerge from...
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Paul Lissona Dec 31, 2011
It's big enough idiots.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 31, 2011
X55? How stupid. And boring too.
Micah Lau Dec 31, 2011
I would hardly call stretching a vehicle a tuning project, because the root word tune suggests improving performance. This project is a modification, not a tune job.
Matthew McKernan Jan 01, 2012
My mom used to have the 4.8i, this is definitely a 4.8i. She replaced that with the new 5.0i, which is the one with the 4.4 liter engine.
Connor Green Dec 31, 2011
This is a 4.8i BMW discontinued the N/A 4.4 in 2007
Mitch Pchelarov Dec 31, 2011
Yeah the same, it's probably a typo
Micah Lau Dec 31, 2011
I'm not sure if 4.6i is a typo, but up here in Canada, the 3 engines available are the 3.0si, 4.4i, and 4.8i. What do you have in the States?
Sean Yi Jan 01, 2012
Just looking at the middle portion looks like a Navigator, the rear is throwing me off a lot. Everything is straight then the rear makes it look shittier than it already is.
David Holder-Defrates Dec 31, 2011
I think it is the roof bars at the back that make it look odd?
Adithya Chandrasekhar Dec 31, 2011
There goes the x5's handling..... Then again, imagine ken block going sideways with one of these.... XP
Rodney L Fiebelkorn Dec 31, 2011
It should be X555, it's 5 times uglier than than the original.
Micah Lau Dec 31, 2011
I wonder if it is still AWD, and if so, that is a long ass drive shaft running to the back.
Gianni Vega Dec 31, 2011
The chrome running boards only by the front and rear door makes it look choppy. Either they should be along the whole thing or not on it at all.
Dennis A. Glover Dec 31, 2011
Besides, I would hate to have to parallel park that thing.
Dennis A. Glover Dec 31, 2011
The problem with looks on any stretched car is the super-long straight line between the doors. It does not fit the brain's idea of what the car should look like. A shorter stretch like 1meter would look better.
Daniel Marino Dec 31, 2011
They should have stretched the door sills with the rest of the car.
Kenneth Williams Dec 31, 2011
At least they kept the good rims
John Serely Dec 31, 2011
There's something off with it
Michael Evans Dec 31, 2011
The front door does not look fit in at all.
Jonathan Romero Dec 31, 2011
Hmmm idk for sum reason somn just dont add up..
Petrolheadjack Dec 31, 2011
looks like a normal hummer limo..
Matthew Malyapa Dec 31, 2011
They should've done this to an m version
Hank Austin Dec 31, 2011
Lol they left the racks on the top
Dylan Bruder Dec 31, 2011
The whole vehicle had another 5 meters added that's not the length a maybach (while huge) isn't that big lol
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 31, 2011
I cannot believe a maybach is longer than this. 5.7 meters, and 6.2 meters. Stock.
Clayton Corley Dec 31, 2011
Not if u have plenty of friends!
Raymond Reynoso Dec 31, 2011
Useless... Utterly Useless.
Sean Yi Jan 01, 2012
Or make the extra passengers ride and grab. Lol
Tyler Chess Dec 31, 2011
So what if they left the racks. They can use them as storage.