Description: A few months after Ford unveiled the 2013 Shelby GT500 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, word is now going around that the automaker will unveil the convertible version at Detroit next month. Powered by a...
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Frank Rajnai Jan 19, 2012
Between the mod motor and the Ls the ford is the high tech one. Suspension is a different story and the zl1 is more modern. Well we'll all see who is gloating after the gt500 is tested
Frank Rajnai Jan 19, 2012
Brady what I you mean 'pushrod tech'? You know pushrods are the old way to build motors right? The camaro engine is good, but it certainly isnt new technology.
Mario Callirgos Jan 01, 2012
Chevy is ahead of for regardless with the ZR1 and I don't car ford tried to punk Chevys best camaro and did ( at least on the hp). And when ford decides to punk ferrari again with another ford GT type car the ZR1 will just be one of many left in
Alanda Burroughs Jan 01, 2012
@Brady. Apparently you don't read very well or just haven't been paying attention...but...both the ZL1 and the ZR1 are supercharged too. And yet the GT500 has more horsepower than either. Read before you make wild comments.
Brady Jacoby Jan 01, 2012
If i'm not mistaken this is a blown 5 8? Chrvy is ALL motorz Ford hasn't even came out with push rod tech!! Wtf there is no comparison. You're comparing Fords top best most extreme model to Chevy's what, 3rd best model? Chevy is so far ahead of Ford.
Frank Rajnai Dec 31, 2011
I am a ford guy and I think Kia and Chevy are only ford straight line and everything else suks
Zaire Wilkins Dec 31, 2011
i say each the mustang is for a straight line and the camaro is for twist and turns
Shane Jansen Dec 31, 2011
Lmao Mario xD And we can't really say yet that this at will suck at corners. Hopefully Ford upgrades the handling to a point where it can handle extreme speed and fast corners. I can't say who would win on a track until a head to head race.
Mario Callirgos Dec 31, 2011
@ Jim Jimm. I am Kia guy. Kia is better then any car company because I like Kia. I really have no facts to support my statement.
Jim Jimm Dec 31, 2011
I'm a Chevy guy always have been always will be ford sucks and dodge ain't worth talking about
Danny Reed Dec 30, 2011
I think Vincent is referring to the vid of the guy in his v6 that broke his drive shaft that was on here a while back. The gt500 has a beefed up drive train of course. I'm not insulting your intelligence. Just for those who didn't know
Vincent Butler Dec 30, 2011
Hope the driveshaft holds up at speeds 135. Lolol
Patrick Schalk Dec 30, 2011
Hope the drive shaft holds up ;)
Clint Edwards Dec 30, 2011
@Chloe I'd still take it over the 2. Hell I'd just look at it
Matt Moeller Dec 30, 2011
The original pony car and the king! Thank you zl-1 for making it that much better, competition is awesome for the consumer.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 30, 2011
That's only on paper, Chloe. The spec sheets are only half the battle.
Zachary Maurer Dec 30, 2011
Finally a good car debuting in Detroit, yay, I'm happy now!!!!!!
Vince DeMasi Dec 30, 2011
I love the power on it but I wonder how it will handle. The ZL1 isn't as fast and is heavier but I wonder if it's settings for racing and its magnetic ride control will help it win? I really wanna see the two head to head
Shane Jansen Dec 30, 2011
Oh I'm so proud, Ford finally waking up to smack down Chevrolet. And people complaining about this not being the most powerful, they probably mean most powerful production V8 at stock.
Mario Callirgos Dec 30, 2011
I think this will spank the ZL1 but if ford thinks this can even complete with the Z06 it will be sadly outgunned. The ZR1 goes without saying. Ford will punk those cars with a Ford GT... If they ever make a new one.
Robert Lantz Dec 30, 2011
I would not want to go 200 in a low aerodynamic muscle car
Sean Williams Dec 30, 2011
Oh yeah. Lol only been up 15 minutes at the time I retract that comment
Kevin Rehbock Dec 30, 2011
@Michael, Ford is claiming this is the most powerful V8 in mass series production. They are not saying it's the most powerful V8 ever but the claim is vague enough to make it sound that way. While it's true they are much more powerful, the Agera, Zenvo, and Ultimate Aero are all limited production supercars.
Michael Palazzo Dec 30, 2011
Saleen S7, Gumpert Apollo, I could list more hp V8's all day
Michael Palazzo Dec 30, 2011
@ Sean, exept it's not naturally aspirated it has a supercharger
Scott Lenahan Dec 30, 2011
I say the Ford gt500 edges out Chevy ZL1 when they hit the real world.. its gonna be close.. but if ford has figured out how to handle that HP there won't be a thing stopping it. Chevy is too heavy in my book.
Sean Williams Dec 30, 2011
I'm pretty sure they mean most powerful "NA" V8 that's mass produced.
Michael Palazzo Dec 30, 2011
a few faster V8's are the Koenigsegg Agera R with a twin turbo V8 putting out 1,099hp, and the Zenvo ST1 with a super & turbocharged V8 putting out 1,104hp, I think these have the right to claim most powerful V8's not the Shelby.
Michael Palazzo Dec 30, 2011
I'm probably still going to get a ZL1 in a few years, the Shelby news is a little displeasing, but their claim to be fastest V8 is false, so I'm not really sure if I beleive their numbers until I see a dyno.
Walter Alexander Thomas Dec 30, 2011
Some of the comments I see is ridiculous. The mustang is better engineered than a chevy. Ford is not what they use to be. Ford have better vehicles than the past. I believe this mustang will beat down the ZR1. I only agree about the weight.
Justin Routh Dec 30, 2011
200 is risky for such a heavy car? How massive is the veyron again?
Timothy Hooker Dec 30, 2011
Over 200 seems a little risky for such a heavy car..I prefer less HP and lighter for better cornering
Zaire Wilkins Dec 30, 2011
haha most powerful V8 the most powerful V8 is in the SSC ultimate areo
Alex Leu Dec 30, 2011
It's production v8...
John Calogero Dec 30, 2011
The Camaro ZL1 is heavier than the GT500, you GM tool. :)
Derek Schomer Dec 30, 2011
Too bad its too heavy for its own good and is hampered by the ancient technology of the solid axle. They are shooting for the zr1 and will fail. A mustang will fall apart with that kind of power
Eddie Ethree Motors Dec 30, 2011
U do know da sls only makes 563hp right?
Kevin Rehbock Dec 30, 2011
The Mosler MT900 can't be considered a production car because they made less than 50 of them, racecars not included. And they used LS engines anyway. This is the most powerful V8 put in series production. Compared to the GT500, the SLS, Agera R, Venom GT, and Ultimate Aero are all in very limited production.
Petrolheadjack Dec 30, 2011
I like the mustang, the modern ones corner really well
Jason Brower Dec 30, 2011
The Amg 6.2 in the sls makes more power, and it's NA. And don't even talk about the agera r's twin turbo 5.0 v8. 1200 hp. Same with the venom gt.
Tyson Broadbent Dec 30, 2011
Or maybe production.
Justin Routh Dec 30, 2011
The ZL1 guys are probably pissed as hell about this car haha
Patrick R. Manuel Dec 30, 2011
Most powerful v8? There are v6s with more hp and torque than that
Description: We're figuring the coupe will set you back by around $60,000 (the convertible will likely be a bit more), but that's still an incredible bargain considering the power to dollar ratio. And wi...
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Danny Reed Dec 30, 2011
Let's run the numbers 2013 5.8 2.3 (supercharger) 650 60,000??? .... YES PLEASE!!!!!
Bull Dogone Dec 30, 2011
Agreed. Plus no Furd dealer sells Shelby's at MSRP.
Michael Palazzo Dec 30, 2011
I have my doubts that it will only be $60,000 with their claimed carbon fiber chasis and performance specs, that stuffs expensive
Maci Kartchner Apr 21, 2012
What an awesome car!
Alanda Burroughs Dec 31, 2011
Those rear tires aren't "little" (perspective) and that same solid axel does well for drag cars (mucho horsepower) and the Mach, which will outrun an M3 on the tracks.
P.j. Singleton Dec 31, 2011
Looks pretty...just wondering about that solid axle and those little rear tires
Shane Jansen Dec 31, 2011
@Luke how is the old one? This is the 2013 it hasn't even been released yet.
Devin Mortenson Dec 31, 2011
They don't need to change the looks much because the car is already stunning
Luke Walker Dec 31, 2011
This is the old one..... The article does say convertable.
Shane Jansen Dec 31, 2011
@Michael a whole new generation is coming in 2014 so ford probably didn't bother I do a major facelift on this one.
Michael Palazzo Dec 31, 2011
why buy this one if a new one is to come out a year later? didn't work out so well with the 2010 mustang buyers
Devin Babyn Dec 30, 2011
Why change it up there's a brand new one coming out a year later
Dillon Dixon Dec 30, 2011
My favorite muscle car without a doubt.
Michael Palazzo Dec 30, 2011
ya, it does look great, but with a completely new emging & stuff you would think they'd facelift it a bit more.
Shane Jansen Dec 30, 2011
@Michael then you don't know mustangs very well. Even if they aren't major changes, they're very noticeable little ones. Especially under the hood.
Alex Newgard Dec 30, 2011
@Michael. Why mess with perfection. Ford is not that awful bowtie company
James Jay Putnam Dec 30, 2011
That's where ur wrong hood has changed siding has as well and I'm sure there are other things that have changed
Michael Palazzo Dec 30, 2011
it looks the same as the current one...
Alex Jervis Dec 30, 2011
That is a bad a** car
Jim Jimm Dec 31, 2011
I'm a Chevy guy but I gotta admit those tail lights are some of the coolest I've seen in a while
Danny Reed Dec 30, 2011
Has nobody noticed those epic tail lights?!?!??!!
Shane Jansen Dec 30, 2011
@Ryan lol xD And yeah skinny tires like ZL1, oh well it still wins.
Dylan Bruder Dec 30, 2011
Apparently they didn't learn anything from the super snake massive power and skinny tires do not match well
Ryan Coffel Dec 30, 2011
Wait disregard that. Im an idiot who can't read...
Ryan Coffel Dec 30, 2011
@john The new mustangs (2012+) will have the same front as the shelbies.
Alex Leu Dec 30, 2011
The tires are the same size as the zl1's...
John Calogero Dec 30, 2011
Still not sold on the front ends of the GTs, but these Shelby's just look mean as could be. That's why I'll be ordering my '12 Kona Blue on Sunday. :)
Shane Heid Dec 30, 2011
Ya judging by that ride height there is no way this is hittin 200 without taking off like a paper airplane
Kevin Rehbock Dec 30, 2011
There is no way in hell those skinny tires can handle 650 HP without some crazy understeer occurring. Fit 280s up front, 300s in the rear, and let it fly.
Matt Herbert Dec 30, 2011
my neighbor has one in black it's sweet
Alex Leu Dec 30, 2011
I'm liking the looks of this
Jim Jimm Dec 31, 2011
I don't know what dope means but those exhaust are pretty normal looking too me
Danny Reed Dec 30, 2011
Hang the antenna idea!! If ur n a car w650 hp u want to hear the engine not the radio
Matt Wolodkiewicz Dec 30, 2011
Yup those exhaust tips look dope
Jack Howard Dec 30, 2011
Yeah wtf is with the antenna
Bryan Kent McPeters Dec 30, 2011
Pretty nice improvements. Can't wait to test drive one. May have to trade my '07 GT convertible in for one.
Michael Palazzo Dec 30, 2011
lights are cooler than the old ones
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Dec 30, 2011
That's what most people will see
Ryan Coffel Dec 30, 2011
I love those lights for their shape, not the signals. These just look mean! To add, the dual tips on each side are amazing!!!
Timothy Hooker Dec 30, 2011
Looks like a radio controlled toy with the antenna sticking out
Abigail Williams Dec 30, 2011
And they still got the antenna..
Shane Heid Dec 30, 2011
Ya it only took them fifty years to copy the thunderbirds lights onto the stang, 65 t bird had the sequential taillight back when this car was just a baby
Jim Jimm Dec 31, 2011
@michael thank you somebody at least sees where I'm coming from
Micah Lau Dec 31, 2011
I'm with you, Jim, this car looks like a cross-eyed, overweight kid on the hunt for a Twinkie.
David Justice Dec 31, 2011
kitchen?! lol that comments too funny! while she's in there bake me a cake!
Shane Jansen Dec 31, 2011
@Jim lmao your kidding right? Let me guess, you think the most aggressive looking car is a Prius or Leaf?
Jim Jimm Dec 31, 2011
That looks like the least aggressive\mean front end ever it looks like its cross eyed and smiling
Igor Boos Dec 31, 2011
Is that the fastest kitchen in the world? There is a woman in there, so it has to be a kitchen.
Matt Wolodkiewicz Dec 30, 2011
Lol a woman driver and blonde to boot hahaha
Juan Ceja Dec 30, 2011
Wats aggressive about it? Looks like its smiling to me... JS
Dillon Dixon Dec 30, 2011
It looks like it just wants to eat anything in its path. It's so aggressive.
Shane Jansen Dec 31, 2011
@Jim only trolls comment on every single last page to complain because their cars aren't good enough.
Chris Penza Dec 31, 2011
I like the 2011 better
Kevin Rehbock Dec 30, 2011
Please be Sabine Schmitz driving :D
Mason Christopher Thomas Dec 30, 2011
I love how the woman is driving.
Michael Gallagher Dec 30, 2011
One day, when I'm older. And the fame brings money my way lol. But in all seriousness, this is a purchase on the bucket list.
Daniel Bramhall Apr 20, 2012
@Jim why the hell do you have a Confederate flag as your profile picture?
Patrick Schalk Dec 31, 2011
I will say I do love the seats in these. Pretty awesome.
Jim Jimm Dec 31, 2011
That gear lever looks sweet
Kevin Rehbock Dec 30, 2011
I should rephrase my last comment. They're not automatic from the factory, but there are third party companies that convert them to autos that are supplied by Shelby. Rumor has it they will make a factory auto for the new GT500
Devin Babyn Dec 30, 2011
I've never heard of someone with one that's auto, there always 6 speed
Kevin Rehbock Dec 30, 2011
Yes, just so they can sell more. The ZL1 will have an auto, why not this?
Devin Babyn Dec 30, 2011
Do they even make an auto GT500?
Dillon Dixon Dec 30, 2011
Three pedals and a stick. Wouldn't want it any other way!
Shane Jansen Dec 30, 2011
A little plain, but nice overall.
Michael Palazzo Dec 30, 2011
sporty, yet highly boring...
Emmanuel Irizarry Dec 30, 2011
I'd say that's a cue ball not an 8ball
Daniel Marino Dec 30, 2011
Those seats are really cool
Matthew van der Linde Dec 30, 2011
Love the eight ball gear stick