Akon’s Spyker C8 Sits on Unique Savini Centerlocks

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With fame and fortune often comes a distinct lack of taste, as Akon proves with aplomb.
American R&B recording artist and songwriting sensation Akon is better known for his smooth lyrics and bumping beats than his specially tuned sports cars, but thanks to a DUB Magazine cover shoot, we've got some professional snaps of his Spyker C8 Spyder SWB to share with you Right Now. There's no mention of modifications to the Audi-sourced 400hp V8, but there's no mistaking the tuning job to the exterior, undertaken by Exclusive Motoring in Miami.
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Along with a custom paint job, the musical maestro's Spyker C8 has been given a new set of wheels: one-off 20-inch Staggered SV-29s Centerlock with custom paint, to give them their full name. A car that's worth over $200,000 rarely needs any enhancements but with the dizzy heights of superstardom often comes a poor lack of judgment. Better luck next time Akon.