Comments - A Look Back at BMW’s Most Memorable Art Cars

Published: Dec 30, 2011
Description: World-renowned artists have been using BMW's top models as their own personal canvas for decades; Frank Stella, Alexander Calder and Andy Warhol have all been given the chance to express themselv...
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Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 30, 2011
Yippie, I love art cars.
Ghee Buttersnaps Dec 30, 2011
They forgot the one from top gear, lol
Description: Seventeen official Art Cars have ensued, with artists from around the globe decorating models from across the BMW range. Art Cars were originally limited to models participating in BMW's worldwid...
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statusone Dec 30, 2011
They forgot the Top Gear horse's head BMW
Logan LeMonnier Dec 30, 2011
i like this one the best
Adam Lopinsky Dec 30, 2011
It looks like they covered it in graph paper
Brad Claridge Dec 30, 2011
Now that's just ugly
Tajul Islam Dec 30, 2011
I could just drool over this car.
Dillon Dixon Dec 30, 2011
This one is just awesome!
Joe Smith Dec 30, 2011
Epic is paint is so epic too. Lol
Tyler Friggen Zdanowicz Dec 30, 2011
Painting that was definatly a bad idea..I mean it looks amazing and all but I like the original race decals
Michael Gallagher Dec 30, 2011
Of the BMWs shown in this article, I choose you!!
Wyatt Gordon Jul 11, 2012
This makes a bit of sick come up in my throat
Colin Dzendolet Dec 30, 2011
With the lighting this looks pretty cool, not sure about turning them on though...