Comments - Video: Wiesmann Takes on the Alps

Published: Dec 03, 2011
Description: Like any rare and unique sports car, owning a Wiesmann is a special thing. And the automaker wants to be sure that all of their customers are fully aware of that. So from January 13th until the 17th, ...
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Description: Wiesmann will be arranging for several of their cars to be there in order for their guests to have the chance to drive them in a closed 60,000 square meter course full of snow and slippery surfaces.
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Jack Huford Dec 03, 2011
That looks pretty awesome, but I wouldn't drive like that with the roof down. I don't wanna mess the interior up.
Chris Benson Dec 03, 2011
Looks like a blast. I'd really like to drive that silver coupe.
Description: Guests will stay at the 4-star Hotel Saratz that houses spa facilities, plenty of amazing food, and spectacular views. Be sure to check out the footage from last year's event to see just how much...
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Paolo Prezioso Dec 03, 2011
Way better than any bmw
Tommy Lau Dec 03, 2011
Just a re-skinned BMW Z4..... wish it's a bit bigger like the Z8.
Tyler James Davis Dec 03, 2011
Reminds me of a AC Cobra for a sec...