Comments - Unique of the Week: 2009 Mosler MT900S

Published: Dec 03, 2011
Description: Founded in 1985 by Warren Mosler, the small supercar company was originally called Consulier Industries. It was later split up and became Mosler Automotive when its parent company changed its name to ...
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Brandon Cowles Dec 04, 2011
Previous comment is wrong. It is not a factory five GTM and it is a mosler. The GTM gen 2 looks like a mosler and I can see how you got it confused. Just a tip, research next time before making a comment.
Jay Mauran Dec 04, 2011
This is a Factory Five GTM
Description: In fact, the car was later banned from the event after winning it three times. Being replaced by the Raptor in 1997, the most significant difference was the new car's V-shaped split windshield th...
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Bruno Rocha Jul 08, 2012
Very beauty I have to say
Matthew Fenton Dec 04, 2011
I saw this car at wilton house it is such an awesome car!
Adenis AK Ruci Dec 03, 2011
The appearance and the shape of the rear of the car will back up your point
Jason Dannheim Dec 03, 2011
I believe it is in fact based on a Saleen S7, though I can't find any real evidence to back that up.
Jack Tubio Dec 03, 2011
They're made in Florida and I've seen one on the road here before. It was incredible.
Elijah McCord Dec 03, 2011
No, nowhere near a zonda, zondas are edgy
Nicolas Pons Dec 03, 2011
It's like a f1 and a zonda put together from this angle
Chris Penza Dec 03, 2011
Yea brahim I remember that. P.S. Nice blastoise
Brahim Gudah Dec 03, 2011
Mosler mt900 gtr xx twin turbo*
Brahim Gudah Dec 03, 2011
... Anybody else remember the bugatti killer version they called sonething like the mtxx land shark... That thing was a monster... 300mph though I don't think it was ever tested
Austin Bride Dec 03, 2011
I was just ranting about how awesome these cars are last night! Haha is and always will be my favorite car.
Trevor Brown Dec 03, 2011
They're made in America so I'd definitely assume they're available here.
Chris Penza Dec 03, 2011
I would love one of these. Are they available in the states?
Description: Although many claimed it had a plain looking exterior, Mosler stated this was the result of it being specifically designed for improved aerodynamics. The MT900R was launched at the same time and was t...
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Description: It officially set 9 performance records, including 0-60 in 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 179mph. In addition to the V8 and its carbon fiber body, it has a six-speed manual, six piston brakes, Alcanta...
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Jairo Garcia Dec 05, 2011
Euro car always has nice rides on eBay motors for sale, this car here is no exception :)
Campbell Christie Dec 03, 2011
Why else would he take delivery of it?
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 03, 2011
He didn't own it. He just got the first one.
Adam Joe Dec 03, 2011
And George Lucas owned it, maybe I'll take out a mortgage for it.
Chris Penza Dec 03, 2011
Me too. I don't know why people think this car is plain looking either; it's anything but plain to me
Dale Fredriks Dec 03, 2011
That price isn't that bad for it being a Mosler. If I had that much I'd take it.
Petrolheadjack Dec 04, 2011
Austin the s7 was made way before the mosler.. typical American retardation seen here..
Anthony Cordiale Dec 04, 2011
I like it something different
Jason Dannheim Dec 03, 2011
This car is very twitchy when pushed. Basically a race car.
Brendan Kinzler Dec 03, 2011
Definetly a cool car to look at
Austin Bride Dec 03, 2011
I think this was made before the s7
Clayton Corley Dec 03, 2011
Too much of saleen s7
Bruno Rocha Jul 08, 2012
Does anyone see what I see? SALEEN S7 TT! The same design! LOL! Miss the saleen... ;(
Duncan Gibson Dec 10, 2011
Looks a bit like a more modern F1
Riley McKelvie Dec 03, 2011
Yeah like the taillights! All about areo dynamics with the dual corvette lights
Dennis Rech Dec 03, 2011
Besides the engine, other Corvette parts were used. Door handles an the lights behind the rear wheels can be seen here.
Jenni Boden Dec 03, 2011
Because they were styled by a Corvette designer? Duh! Of course he's going to go with aerodynamics that work, which is was he did with the Corvette. All aerodynamic cars share similar features.
Josh ?hompson Dec 03, 2011
These mosler's always reminded me of raced out C5 Corvettes
Dylan Knapp Dec 03, 2011
The seats look really comfortable
Callum Mckay Dec 03, 2011
Id just put stitching in that matched the pqint colour
Chris Penza Dec 03, 2011
It's not bad, but i would change the suede to leather without a doubt
Edith Wharton Dec 03, 2011
No way I'd love the interior just the way it is
Chris Penza Dec 03, 2011
Kinda plain. But If I had the money to buy it I'd have the money to redo the interior too
Austin Bride Dec 03, 2011
Not the most luxurious but I guess it's for performance.
Brandon Cowles Dec 04, 2011
Yeah, and NRE's engines are to expensive though. Last I checked they has a 732 cubic inch big block for 39 grand. Not sure if price is still the same.
Clint Edwards Dec 03, 2011
NRE are freakin boss.
Dennis Rech Dec 03, 2011
Nelson Racing Engines. Check out their site. They have done a batch of wicked cars.
Zain Sheikh Dec 03, 2011
Cool im gonna check it out
Austin Bride Dec 03, 2011
The video is NRE 1800 hp mosler on YouTube
Austin Bride Dec 03, 2011
Some guys boosted one of these to over 1000hp on YouTube and still got like 17 mpg and it went like 274 I think