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Bugatti Owner Illegally Parks in Disabled Bay

Thoughtless driver exudes arrogance as he uses disabled bay to park his outrageously expensive car.
In an affluent area of Greater London, UK, a Bugatti Veyron was found illegally parked in a spot reserved for the disabled. Awed passers-by were instinctively attracted to the 16-cylinder monster and crowded around taking pictures on their smart phones, but as soon as a traffic warden spotted the misdemeanor, he wrote out a parking ticket and slapped it on the gleaming windscreen. As you would expect, the returning owner was completely nonplussed according to witnesses.
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Without emotion, he slid into his luxurious leather seat, fired up the fastest car on earth, and tore away with a look of utter contempt etched on his selfish face. No doubt the £40 fine he'll have to pay will act as a suitable deterrent and he'll think twice before doing it again.
Bugatti Owner Illegally Parks in Disabled Bay
Bugatti Owner Illegally Parks in Disabled Bay

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