Description: RM Auctions annual Arizona auction is one of the premier car collector events of the year, attracting collectors and enthusiasts from across the globe to Phoenix each January. Next month a wide array ...
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Description: More exotic, exclusive and nearly a third more expensive than the $10,000 Mark II, the car hit the show circuit in 1956 along with its almost forgotten sibling, the Eldorado Brougham Town Car, which d...
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Chayton Garverick Jan 23, 2012
I don't like new cars. I'd prefer an old '63 T-Bird in red w/ a black hardtop over a new Maybach
benight Dec 29, 2011
I have that same car
Description: Twin compartments were furnished with a decanter and cups, vanity case, tissue dispenser, all in gold plate; and the divider bulkhead had a sliding glass window. A bulkhead-mounted telephone, also in ...
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Description: Instead the Town Car sat for years under a tarpaulin, before it was discovered by a collector and ultimately sold on to John O'Quinn who appointed RM Auto Restoration to restore the car to its fo...
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Alan Goldbarg Oct 30, 2013
The old couple in the tire commercial actually drove the production version of this car-- the '57 El Dorado Brougham with stainless roof.
Tim Preisinger Dec 30, 2011
@ham&cheese: I would do the exact same thing!
Patrick Schalk Dec 29, 2011
This is unbelievable. Probably one of the best looking cars I've seen on CarBuzz since I've had this app. I love this thing.
Jason W. Evers Dec 29, 2011
That was a Chrysler in the old couple drifting a car commercial.
Cody Fullerton Dec 29, 2011
Except for the fact that the CTS rides on its own platform independent from the rest of gm.
Vincent Butler Dec 29, 2011
Kevin you can say that to every car.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 29, 2011
When Cadillacs were awesome and not a rehash of GM's other products. The CTS-V can't touch this.
Ben Mossing Dec 29, 2011
The front reminds me of the car in the add where the old couple are driving one on the flats
Dale Schroeder Dec 29, 2011
There's just nothing quite like a big Caddy with sweet looking tailfins.
Chayton Garverick Jan 23, 2012
Makes me think of Marilyn Monroe.
Paul Lissona Dec 29, 2011
Yah it's a nowadays $300,000 interior and only from a few foreign companies.
Andrew McNeal Dec 29, 2011
Nowadays you would have to buy a Bentley or Rolls to have an interior this nice
Vince DeMasi Dec 29, 2011
No that's some high class stuff
Danny Reed Dec 29, 2011
Well there's no mistaking those seats for the jump seats in small pickups we see today
Ryan Coffel Dec 29, 2011
Gotta love those suicides!!!
Patrick Schalk Dec 29, 2011
Suck it RR and Bentley!