Comments - Spied: BMW i8 Production Prototype

Published: Dec 27, 2011
Description: Courtesy of Bimmerpost, these are the first spy shots of the BMW i8 production prototype, appearing with significant changes from the concept. Its shark-like front slant has been replaced with a lower...
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Jonathan Brincat Dec 27, 2011
Can't wait for it to come out...
Aj TheDark Artist Dec 29, 2011
@Landon Car that came out in 05. Car makers do make significant changes for important and or flagship cars. Think b4 u speak.
Aj TheDark Artist Dec 29, 2011
@Landon Obviously it's closer to production since they put in the time, engineering, and money to significantly change it from the concept that's been shown for years. The Dodge Charger came out in 1999 and looks waaaay different than the production
Michael Evans Dec 28, 2011
Moron Pontiac Grand could not sick there nut lug nut not even the Bmw c1
Faroukh Mehkri Dec 27, 2011
Finally. An electric I would drive!
Micah Lau Dec 27, 2011
Which I okay, provided that the marketing material has an asterisk explaining that the vehicle's design is subject to change without notice. Or perhaps this goes without saying in the auto industry.
Micah Lau Dec 27, 2011
BMW has marketed this car using photos of the concept (the one used in the latest MI movie) with a release date sometime in 2013. But the thing is, we all know that the production vehicle will be quite different from the concept.
Landon Combass Dec 27, 2011
They have been showing off this car for years!
Chris Harrison Dec 27, 2011
I really hope this car does happen though
Landon Combass Dec 27, 2011
Like I said before this car will never happen!!!!
Description: The side view mirrors have moved from the A-pillar to the doors and the door handles have been lowered; that aside the body sculpting remains faithful to the concept i8 design. At the rear, the concep...
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Description: A high-performance 3-cylinder gasoline engine sits in the rear of the concept rated at 220hp and the i3's electric motor is up front limited to 129hp with a combined 406lb-ft of torque. 0-62mph i...
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Kenneth Williams Dec 31, 2011
Both great cars. Perform good, look good but if you drove them both you'd get 2 different experiences
Kenneth Williams Dec 31, 2011
@kevin, true but I'm thinking BMW is steering this car towards a different crowd than the people that prefer the M3. While the performance numbers may not be anything spectacular or different it's two different experiences. kinda like M3 and M6.
Marshall Keller Dec 28, 2011
And imagine if the make an i8 M
Kevin Rehbock Dec 28, 2011
For the price BMW is likely to charge for this, I still say you're better off toying around with a M3 to achieve the same, if not better, performance for less of a fortune. I fail to see how BMW can make a case for this car's production, but not for a modern day M1.
Kenneth Williams Dec 28, 2011
Please don't compare this to an M3. Fail sir... Fail
Edgar Jauregui Dec 27, 2011
220hp from a 3 cylinder seems like high performance to me. Civic Si and the gt-86 have 4 and dont produce as much
Kevin Rehbock Dec 27, 2011
A lightly modified M3 can outperform this easily.
Daniel Padilla Dec 27, 2011
And europe has some eco friendly rules that cars can't go over 155 without paying an extra fee
Knox Ferraro Dec 27, 2011
@Michael: Because tires rated for higher speeds cost a lot more money.
Zack Hartman Dec 27, 2011
It's not diesel anymore they changed it to gad
Hao Xue Dec 27, 2011
0-60 in 4.6 sec it's close to m3 , with only 3 cylinders , that's better than high performances.
Jonathan Romero Dec 27, 2011
I won't judge this car till it's finish to the bone for production..
P_R_N_D Dec 27, 2011
like what Jayden? I'm not a BMW fanboy but u have to admit that's a damn fine looking automobile.... camo aside. Best looking Bimmer I'VE ever seen, anyway.
Troi Stoessel Dec 27, 2011
This is going to be one of the hottest BMWs ever
Paul Lissona Dec 28, 2011
I used to mean fuel injected.
Luis A Villalpando Dec 27, 2011
Those "taillights" are not real they are meant to fool people
Christo Savaides Dec 27, 2011
Those lights are definitely decoys.
Knox Ferraro Dec 27, 2011
I can't believe BMW is going through with this, but I really can't wait to see the finished product!
Josh Thompson Dec 27, 2011
I means intelligence or something like BMW iDrive
Law Patrickus Dec 27, 2011
It's not i as in apple product bullcrap. I think it's just their new efficient-dynamics badging. Like the old e for economy. Who knows what it stands for though.
Eddie Filipovic Dec 27, 2011
The whole thing is looking ugly, starting with the headlights. And BMW loses serious points if they start naming their cars i8 this and iCrap that.
Adam Hafiz Dec 27, 2011
It's just a prototype. It's not the end result
Aj TheDark Artist Dec 29, 2011
@Jayson Really?!! Omg, we didn't know that at all!!!
Jayson Lankster Dec 28, 2011
oh yeah, the lights are definitely decoys. look just above them and you can see the real ones.
Clarke Hill Dec 27, 2011
Looks like a weird Mitsubishi Eclipse from this angle.
Natalino Monastra Dec 27, 2011
Driving with door not completely closed
Jayson Lankster Dec 28, 2011
it's just a decoy taillight. if you go to the picture of the back and look right below the spoiler thing you can see them.
Justin Harris Dec 27, 2011
Looks like the i8 needs some proactive or something in the back XD the tailight is massive.
Kyle Anderson Dec 27, 2011
What is that an afterburner shooting out the back?... oh wait thats the over emphasized taillight..
P_R_N_D Dec 27, 2011
Those tail lights HAVE to be a decoy light cover or something. It looks like a tumor!
Law Patrickus Dec 27, 2011
Wow they really went all out with this camo haga
Carlie George Dec 27, 2011
This is essentially a fail if it doesn't look like the concept or retain the design elements .