Comments - Video: Audi A1 MTM Outguns Porsche 911 and BMW M3

Published: Dec 26, 2011
Description: The sportiness and aggression of the A1 seemingly knows no bounds, as the Audi A1 1.4 TFSI and A1 Quattro can testify. However, VW/Audi tuning specialists MTM has taken things as near to the limit...
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Description: With 493hp and 442lb-ft of torque at its disposal, which is sent to the front wheels via a six-speed manual transmission, the result is a 0-62mph time of 4.5 seconds and a 201mph top speed.
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Mark Suvorov Dec 29, 2011
Wtf fwd Its Quattro It means 4wd
Chris Hiatt Dec 27, 2011
MTM, didn't they cram two engines in TT a few years back?
P_R_N_D Dec 27, 2011
shut up Chris. The term "rice" would imply its a Japanese tuner car. U don't even know what ur talking about so stay out of it.
Carlie George Dec 27, 2011
@Linton there should be no fwd that big ,maxima is a nice car but no way .The 4dsc was true but only in first gen and you have to get them in manuals unless you like to go in reverse
Chris Sir-Stig Dagher Dec 27, 2011
Lol cute.. A rice bubble with boost control ///M power thanks
Jim Jimm Dec 26, 2011
I like loud mufflers on a truck better than this
Eric Michalak Dec 26, 2011
The US needs a high speed motor way.
Akhil Patil Dec 26, 2011
M3 please...theres no RS in ///M!!!!
Heshoo Hanna Dec 26, 2011
To be honest the M3 is cheaper than the 911 and the performance is not really different and the A1 is front wheel drive which I think is the dumest thing that a German company did
Nick Christensen Dec 26, 2011
201?!?!?! Oh my lord
Ernest Tam Dec 26, 2011
Tuned like crazy vs stock is such a fair race That's like a heavyweight vs flyweight in mma
Carlie George Dec 26, 2011
Sick!!! w/o Quattro thats gotta be one of the fastest fwd in existence ... I'll take it and I'm sure it has a LSD
Jason Brower Dec 26, 2011
If there isn't and LSD up front that driver must have forearms of steel. That would be a huge pain to drive.
Vince DeMasi Dec 26, 2011
I was thinking the same thing fwd? Crazy torque steer
Tomas Franquelli Dec 26, 2011
500hp and 200mph top a FWD... Wtf?
P_R_N_D Dec 26, 2011
lol Luke I was thinking the same thing. 500hp torque steer?
Luke Cottam Dec 26, 2011
You lost me at "sent to the front wheels".
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Dec 26, 2011
That's a nasty little car. Fiat should learn from this and applied it to the 500
Anthony Noon Dec 26, 2011
Still rather have the M3 or 911
Description: In the video that top speed is clocked by a GPS receiver, while the A1 Nardo Edition passes vehicles as if they are reversing at 100mph, makes a mockery of a Porsche 911 Sport Classic, and ambles past...
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Anton Antony Dec 26, 2011
Lol I agree. It's always useless to compare a modded car to stock cars. Youtube smart car vs Ferrari and see a Ferrari get spanked.... Doesn't make me want to go get a smart car ... Lol
Kenneth Williams Dec 26, 2011
Only cuz it's built. If course it's gonna be quicker than the other 2. I thought they were actually gonna have a realistic comparison.
Hank Austin Dec 28, 2011
I think it's just s*** photography because the last I remember this car looked good... Probably just a bad angle
P_R_N_D Dec 27, 2011
I think that's "you're stupid"..... stupid!
Cole Rocheleau Dec 26, 2011
Love the a1, but hatethe paint job..
Petrolheadjack Dec 26, 2011
ugly ? are YOU stupid?
Logan LeMonnier Dec 26, 2011
Ugly but still an Audi so beautiful in an ugly way
Erik Olsen Dec 26, 2011
Good numbers, pretty ugly car, especially in that scheme.
P_R_N_D Dec 26, 2011
yikes! This is my first time seeing the A1... and I hate it! It looks like a 500 Abarth! But I DO like those numbers.