Comments - Video: A Serene Walk Around of a Jaguar E-Type

Published: Dec 26, 2011
Description: Sometimes the best way to relax is simply to look at the beauty of a classic car. Throw in some soothing string guitar background melody and mental pictures of yourself behind the wheel and you'r...
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Cian Rules Dec 28, 2011
I think its great in gt5 for showing off and its not that slow
Chris Penza Dec 26, 2011
Yeah this is a beautiful car, but I always get pissed when I have to drive it in a game, it's too slow for my taste; but I'd definitely drive it irl
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 26, 2011
Completely agree with the first sentence.
Description: Even Enzo Ferrari himself, upon its release, declared it "the most beautiful car ever made." Originally powered by a 3.8-liter six-cylinder, it was available as both a coupe and convertible....
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Cian Rules Dec 26, 2011
I would have the new eagle speedster instead becouse it would turn on in the morning
Ryu Tsuchiya Dec 26, 2011
Most beautiful car! I want one...a convertible
P_R_N_D Dec 26, 2011
2 minutes of happiness?! That's some shit weed lol
Will Revene Dec 26, 2011
Obviously you've never had someone try to sell you weed then.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 26, 2011
The last half of the last sentence sounded like someone offering me weed.
Cian Rules Dec 28, 2011
Did enzo ever compliment the volvo no it may be look amazing but this looks a bit better and enzo called them the best looking car ever made
Brad Claridge Dec 27, 2011
The Volvo p1800 is an amazing car one of the best looking cars ever made! This jag is amazing aswell the p1800 and the E type are probably the best looking cars from the 60s
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 27, 2011
I think it has grown on me a lot after all these years.
Cian Rules Dec 26, 2011
How can a volvo compare to a jag e type
Jim Jimm Dec 26, 2011
Needs some mud tires
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 26, 2011
My dads first car was a volvo p1800. Both cars are so smooth.
Connor Howard Dec 26, 2011
Friend has the exact same model but in black. Absolutely gorgeous in person
Daniel Marino Dec 26, 2011
My grandfather had one of these in a 2+2 and with a v12. I wish I was born then
Lily Shulruff Dec 26, 2011
I've seem that kind of classic before.
Paolo Prezioso Dec 26, 2011
If everybody got one of these, we'd have world peace
Geoff Novak Dec 26, 2011
God i love classic jag's. They have some of the best styling and class of all classic road cars. Id love to coast highway 1 in one of those one day