Comments - Video: 2013 BMW M5 Up Close

Published: Dec 26, 2011
Description: Although it was revealed a few months ago at Frankfurt, the 2013 BMW M5 is about to have its official North American debut at the Detroit Auto Show in just a couple of weeks. Talking with M brand mana...
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Landon Combass Dec 27, 2011
I don't like BMW. Their cars are boring... I'd much rather own a Hyundai Genesis sedan than a BMW 5
Petrolheadjack Dec 26, 2011
this car is already released ?
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 26, 2011
@Luke: We already have stuff for 2020+ ready for some reason. It's perfectly normal.
Luke Walker Dec 26, 2011
Lol it's not even 2012 yet
Matthew McKernan Dec 26, 2011
Wasn't its official N.A. debut supposed to be in L.A? Or was that just not official enough.
Description: This is part of the German automaker's new downsizing strategy: smaller, turbocharged engines that still provide the required output as before (if not greater). It can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4...
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Zain Sheikh Dec 28, 2011
I think without the chip it should atleast 205 Because the last one did 205 too
Pineda F Javier Dec 27, 2011
Too expensive for this thing id like to get one but i can get up to 2 cars for this price
Dexter Cordero Dec 26, 2011
High performance turbo charged engines = shorter engine lifespan = $$$$$$. Not to mention increase in reliability problems.
Vincent Chong Dec 26, 2011
Car & Driver confirm with launch control 0-60 time of 3.7 sec
Zain Sheikh Dec 28, 2011
Truth is both cars are awesome . My oldest brother is a lucky mofo . He got a CTSV for his first car just yesterday . It's freaking badass . but if you can afford the M5 , you should choose the M5
Daniel Marino Dec 26, 2011
Hey every is entitled to their own opinion. I think the cts-v is nicer inside and out and the price tag is nearly 20 grand less.
Geoff Novak Dec 26, 2011
Ever since they debued the i8 concept, suddenly, m series dnt look a cool XD
Troi Stoessel Dec 26, 2011
If you take a cts-v over this your retarded. BMW has better quality and better handling. The cts-v can't match up.
Daniel Marino Dec 26, 2011
I'd take a cts-v any day over this
Dexter Cordero Dec 27, 2011
The sound of the n/a v10 on the previous m5 is nothing short of amazing. Nothing like it out there. I consider myself extremely lucky to own one. Even though it's bone stock, it never fails to put a smile on me when driven at WOT.
Devin Babyn Dec 27, 2011
How isn't it a issue. Having a car with shity mileage is a hassle
Matthew Johnson Dec 26, 2011
The replacement for displacement is the turbocharger. That's the point. I like that they went forced induction. I'm not a big BMW guy though so in the end my opinion isn't clouded by heritage.
Vincent Chong Dec 26, 2011
Yeah the old V10 sounds nice. But you're getting 10MPG at the same time
Bala Uncc Dec 26, 2011
Twin Turbos engines usually sound more aggressive than its counterparts. But there is not replacement for displacement.
Adam Zarytsky Dec 26, 2011
V10s sound amazing. Now this looks bland and won't sound unique :(
Peter Squire Dec 26, 2011
They should make look less like every other BMW. Maybe not the grill but just something.
David Eslava Dec 26, 2011
Well, I think ithat it has to be awesome to say you own a V10 engined car, so you can compare it to a Gallardo or LFA. Nowadays every SUV has a V8 so it doesn't sound esclusive enough....
Daniel Marino Dec 26, 2011
Thanks carbuzz for deleting my comment. All I said was "Agree with all of you" jeez
Vince DeMasi Dec 26, 2011
Exactly what I was thinking if you don't know cars you would think BMW has one car model it's very blah
Bull Dogone Dec 26, 2011
Yep. Was behind a brand new 750 the other day and the entire BMW line has become homogenized. From the 1 to the 3 to the 5 and now the 7 series, there is no distinction in the body lines, just size and engine packages. Yawn.
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 26, 2011
Always been a fan of those taillights.
John Rigano Dec 26, 2011
not my choice of interior color
Darren Martin Dec 26, 2011
Well if you look at the next picture you see the chairs seem to be all the way back
Bull Dogone Dec 26, 2011
For a car in this segment, why is there so little legroom?
David De Leon Dec 28, 2011
I think the earlier designs are way nicer..
Ryu Tsuchiya Dec 26, 2011
Superior seats...could drive in it for day's...
Matthew McKernan Dec 26, 2011
@Vincent, your real last name wouldn't happen to be Chen would it? cause you sound just like someone I know.
Vincent Chong Dec 26, 2011
Trust me I have the new 5 series, the seats are the most comfortable thing in the world!
Colton Howard Dec 26, 2011
For a 90k car, not great
Hilda Dunn Dec 26, 2011
The seats look weird but over all very nice