Comments - Santa Wrecks a Classic Porsche 911

Published: Dec 26, 2011
Description: Ok, so he may not be the real Santa (only a young, beardless potential male model), but even with the holiday spirit, it's still possible to do something horrible like this. And to be honest, we&...
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Description: To have something like this properly repaired certainly won't be cheap, but we figure this fake Santa can afford it. He should stick with riding a horse drawn carriage around the Big Apple.
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Caleb eason Jan 04, 2012
who I wonder what the tax is on that
Pratik Parija Dec 27, 2011
Yeah I know right? 2008 lol
Daniel Bellafonte Dec 27, 2011
I was thinking the same thing lol. But it seems the taxi sitting beside it may have had something to do with the crash or at least involved anyway as it has damage to its front end.
Raymond Reynoso Dec 27, 2011
2008? Really? And CarBuzz is talking about this now?
Aj TheDark Artist Dec 29, 2011
As we all know the real Santa drives a red SLS AMG. Lol
Nick Goodman Dec 27, 2011
Maybe if he wasn't so caught up with getting his jollys off with the Mrs. Claus in the passenger seat. Maybe he could have been looking instead of down and there would be one more 911 still around
Don Selrahc Dec 26, 2011
Some of the most respected drivers are American smh....buttt he had to be a drunk Santa
David Salvo Dec 26, 2011
Maybe Mrs.Claus was giving Santa HIS Christmas present,eh?
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 26, 2011
Poles go down so much nicer in need for speed.
Kevin Rehbock Dec 26, 2011
Stick to sleighs, man.
Avery Williams Dec 26, 2011
Oh my gosh! People can't drive nowadays!!!
Miftah Rasheed Amir Dec 26, 2011
Oh I bet those two are going to start blaming each other.
Thibault Leroy Dec 26, 2011
he grand theft autoed it
Rob Daly Dec 26, 2011
I suspect the girl wearing the 4 inch heels on the passenger side had something to do with it.
Ahmed S Anwar Biru Dec 26, 2011
First I thought he has hit the scaffold but then not...that clearly shows his idiocy!!