Comments - Abarth Looking to Develop its Own Sports Car

Published: Dec 26, 2011
Description: It's a fact that Alfa Romeo will be returning to North America beginning with the stunning 4C coupe hopefully sometime in 2013. Along with the imminent arrival of the Abarth 500, Fiat is serious ...
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Description: And Abarth knows this. With the 4C set to be priced in the neighborhood of those Porsches, the brand is considering to develop their own sports car that could potentially be priced to compete with the...
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Chris Dimattia Dec 27, 2011
With 2 reliable RWD cars with a not as reliable FWD car. Sounds like a bad idea.
Chris Dimattia Dec 27, 2011
Competing on price with 2 tel
Jim Jimm Dec 26, 2011
The Abarth fiat is the worlds worst looking car it's a beetle just worse
David Pires-Ihsaan Dec 26, 2011
I'll take the express shipping...
Carlo Cannuscio Feb 25, 2012
Sexy and powerful, great lines...bellissima
Dustin Miller Jan 08, 2012
Please don't be FWD.
Oliver Hjortnæs Dec 28, 2011
Chris, i don't really agree.
Chris Penza Dec 26, 2011
From this angle it has a lot of resemblance to the evora
Lily Shulruff Dec 26, 2011
Imagine seeing one of those toys on the street. Woah
Jason Colkitt Dec 26, 2011
Alfa Romeo have always made beautiful cars. This is no exception.