Comments - Ford Attempts to Cut C02 from Santa’s Sleigh

Published: Dec 25, 2011
Description: In an effort to reduce C02 emissions, Ford has decided to apply some of their latest green technology to good old Santa's sleigh. They're claiming that this new concept sleigh design would i...
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Tom Wright Dec 25, 2011
Also the problem that he has travel at atleast Mach 18 to get to every house..
James Jay Putnam Dec 25, 2011
Retiring the rain deer what....
Clark Thompson Dec 25, 2011
Still hasn't solved the problem of flying...
Description: The new 1.0-liter EcoBoost, on the other hand, would bring down Santa's fuel costs by 90 percent. The new sleigh also incorporates design elements from the automaker's latest concept, the Ev...
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Etienne Surrette Jan 19, 2012
So they give Santa this piece of crap instead of reindeer farts? Works for me :D
Asa Krzoska Dec 26, 2011
Reindeers are way more reliable.
Sam Oglesby Dec 25, 2011
Erm they clearly thought not very hard about this but how does it move
Joe Kelly Dec 25, 2011
Has anyone told Santa that ferraris come in red too?
Reid 'bc' Black Dec 25, 2011
Would rather see reindeer than this
Cham Khiev Dec 25, 2011
Looks mistsubishi...ish lol
Mike Wagner Dec 25, 2011
@sam they're basically the same doors that were on the ford gt.. And they worked
Matthew van der Linde Dec 25, 2011
Put normal doors on it and sell it as the new mondeo
Sam Oglesby Dec 25, 2011
I guarantee that those doors won't work as door like that do how do you shut them once your in the car you cant reach the door to pull it shut
michigander48122 Dec 25, 2011
Ford has another winner!
Buddy Robinson Dec 25, 2011
These are butterfly, as per the Enzo and Mclaren, all three.
Shane Jansen Dec 25, 2011
@Bull funny thing is not one of them is a lamborghini style door opening.... These are more gullwing
Bull Dogone Dec 25, 2011
View the gallery for all 21 photos. It loses its appeal when all FOUR doors are Lambo style. Never make it to production is right.
Avery Williams Dec 25, 2011
Oh this car looks sweet!
Adrian Barrera Dec 25, 2011
And if they do it gets the 1.0
Steve Waskiewicz Dec 25, 2011
Bet you that they don't. :(
Matthew van der Linde Dec 25, 2011
Release this car ford!
Scott Gracey Dec 25, 2011
Just screams zdx, venza, and all the other vehicles on the same platform
Erik Scherer Dec 25, 2011
That grille reminds me of an Aston.
Stephen Cobbs Dec 25, 2011
The CTS-V coupe is hideous but I would take the CTS-V sedan over this any day.
Bull Dogone Dec 25, 2011
Not that I like Ford in any way, but I could see this putting a dent into CTS Coupe sales real fast. Probably be another Probe / GT500. Much ado about nothing.
Colton Wollschlager Dec 31, 2011
I am crazy about ford but now they are screwing up all of the looks of the new cars they are making
Vito Portanova Dec 25, 2011
Not a big fan of American cars. But this is kinda of nice. And so is the camaro
Sam Oglesby Dec 25, 2011
Looks like someone beat a Lambo with the ugly stick
Edgar Jauregui Dec 25, 2011
I can see this as a new ford sport coupe... Some nice performance stats and it'd be great
Walter Alexander Thomas Dec 25, 2011
I wish this car would hit the streets
Devin Babyn Dec 25, 2011
The revamps for 2014 but nice try
Bull Dogone Dec 25, 2011
2015 Mustang Pass it on
Forrest Wood Dec 26, 2011
Idk about that backend